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Volume IV Number 11 - October 7, 2005
A Periodic Newsletter for Committed Texas Conservatives

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DeLay Indictment - It Is Political Shenanigans, But Was It Avoidable?

Palestinians Lose Yet Another Opportunity For Peace In The Wake Of Israel's Move Out Of Gaza

Is Government Responsible For Bailing Us Out Of Every Disaster? And What About The Media?

Hurricane Rita: Politically, Who Wins And Who Loses?

The Era Of Runaway Spending Is Back With A Vengeance!

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DeLay Indictment - It Is Political Shenanigans,
But Was It Avoidable?

So Ronnie Earle finally got two grand juries to indict Tom DeLay, though it is not clear what crime he allegedly committed.
TCR Comment: He is only guilty of being a Republican.

Based on what we know about the case, Tom DeLay will prevail but it has already hurt him and our cause.

How did this happen? First and foremost, we never took jurisdiction away from a politically motivated prosecutor like Ronnie Earle. Second, we had opportunities in the last two legislative sessions and had the votes to do so but nothing happened. Third, we all should know by now that Republicans are held to a higher standard by the media. TCR knows it is not fair but it's a reality. Knowing this, we need to be careful how we handle our business. Forewarned is forearmed. In hindsight, it is better to be more careful than not. Was it avoidable? The answer to the question is YES.

Palestinians Lose Yet Another Opportunity For Peace In The Wake Of Israel's Move Out Of Gaza

The Palestinians have once again blown an opportunity. Israel withdrew on its own from Gaza, U.S. donors bought the greenhouses and infrastructure to save jobs and help the economy, so what happened?

The Palestinians, led by Mr. Abbas, failed to provide security and the greenhouses were looted. And the idea they want to live in peace with Israel is not a reality as Israel's cities and citizens have been targets of Palestinian missiles and kidnappings.

So where do we go from here? Nowhere, the U.S. should stop pressuring Israel for concessions and tell them what they have to do to the Islamic-fascists. By the way, Secretary Rice can start telling the whole story that successful disengagement does not apply only to Israel and so it's not a success. The U.S. should not be doubling aid to the Palestinians to $550 million, it instead should be slashed until (if) they even get their act together.

Is Government Responsible For Bailing Us Out Of Every Disaster? And What About The Media?

When America was founded it was based on individual responsibility and freedom of choice. Now when anything bad happens it is the mommy government with the responsibility to take care of us, how did this happen?

To begin with, we all must take responsibility for our own lives and those of our immediate family. That means be prepared and be responsible. Instead, if you are a knucklehead and do zero preparation, it's not right to hope for a government bailout.

Second, once the vast majority gets ready and takes responsibility, who is left are those who cannot take care of themselves and that is where community based groups, churches, synagogues, and government can help. Of course, there needs to be plans in place.

Third, we need a responsible media and not the overboard, hysterical Houston area media like we saw with Hurricane Rita. The media hype needs to stop (all we get is the next big story. For example, the missing teenager in Aruba has never been found but now no one in the media cares!), instead we need responsible level-headed information that is helpful.

Hurricane Rita:
Politically, Who Wins And Who Loses?

Winners - Judge Robert Eckels and Mayor Bill White both showed initiative and leadership, it seems what they controlled went well. Problems arose in areas they did not control:

  1. Too many people from less vulnerable areas left creating traffic and fuel supply problems.

  2. TxDoT had no plan ready to quickly turn all highways outbound. We hope they can get it right now that they had a practice run.

  3. Fuel supplies, we ran out and this is a private sector problem that must be resolved.

  4. Food supply and fast food, why did we run out or find so many places closed?

Losers - The Louisiana political establishment. Compared to Texas, they're in the dark ages.

Incomplete - The Federal government had a secondary role but obviously did better in prepositioning this time. Clearly, President Bush had laser-like focus on this hurricane. The big issue is can we fix New Orleans without the usual corruption and without breaking the budget?

Governor Perry unfortunately waived some safety rules and that bus fire killed 24, but of course that was not predictable. TxDoT is his responsibility and was slow to react to the massive traffic jams (12 hours to Austin, normally 2-3 hours). It also raises the question do we have enough highway capacity on our evacuation routes and shouldn't that figure into future highway construction? Governor Perry's grade is to be determined based on future leadership and on all the problems Rita revealed.

The Era Of Runaway Spending
Is Back With A Vengeance!

With federal government spending out of sight and heading higher it is time to tell it like it is - the GOP with Democratic assistance continues to set new records in spending and our deficit. From the end of the era of big government under Bill Clinton, we now are in the era of runaway spending.

Congressmen Mike Pence (R-IN) and Ted Poe (R-TX) and Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) and others have an idea to offset the new federal spending in the wake of Hurricane Katrina with other spending cuts. TCR suggests they start with the Highway Bill and the Energy Bill's pork and go on from there.

One thing we did not need is a repeal of the Bush tax cuts. The $262 billion in additional federal revenue this year is a result of the Bush tax cuts which have encouraged economic growth. Of course, this happens because supply-side economics works, tax cuts generate tax revenue and that's a fact.

COMING - Friday, October 28 at 8 p.m. to Channel 8 PBS in Houston, Texas - the connection - Red, White & Blue featuring TCR Editor Gary Polland and liberal commentator David Jones. The guest is religious conservative leader Rev. Rick Scarborough. And coming soon Comptroller Carole Strayhorn, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee and Representative Rick Noriega and many more.

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