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Gary M. Polland

Gary Polland is one of the most thoughtful conservative voices in Texas. Whether it is through the popular TCR email newsletter and website, regular radio appearances, the informative TCR voter's guides, or for 20 years co-hosting of Red, White and Blue - the popular weekly public affairs show on Houston Public Media (PBS Channel 8). Red, White and Blue is the longest running television public affairs show in Texas. COVID stopped the in studio broadcasts and unfortunately PBS Houston no longer produces any weekly tv shows. The show was quite popular as well as fair and balanced. It will be missed. Polland is an opinion leader for public policy minded conservatives, independents and liberals who can think for themselves. He believes that it is the Texas Conservative Review's job to give the citizens all the information and trust them to do what is best.

Polland has been a practicing attorney for more than 44 years. His practice is a mix of trial work in family, civil and juvenile courts. He is Board Certified in Civil Trial law and has a reputation as a successful & skilled advocate for his clients. In 2018, Gary was honored to be selected as one of only 15 top civil trial lawyers in the Houston area by Houstonia Magazine.

Polland served as Harris County Republican Party Chairman from 1996 to 2002. Gary is remembered as the most successful Chairman in the last 30 years, having won over 97% of all races. He also led the party into public policy activism on public school issues, tax rates, opposing legislating judges and defeating a badly conceived arena deal.

Gary appears regularly as a commentator on KTRH 740, KPRC 790, KSEV 700, and News 88.7 radio stations in the Houston area.

Whether it is online, in books, on television, radio or the latest public policy debate, Gary Polland is a thoughtful conservative commentator and political leader that voters have come to trust for his insight, intellectual honesty, and the accurate information he regularly shares with voters.

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