Hard Hitting Conservative Commentary by Gary M. Polland
Volume XXIII Number 5 – April 24, 2024


By Gary Polland, Editor-in-Chief

You Can Make a Difference in the Very Important HCAD Board Election

Early Voting Runs April 22-April 30. Election Day is May 4, 2024

Harris County voters will now have a voice in the representation on the Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) Board of Directors. Previously, the HCAD Board was comprised of the Tax-Assessor Collector and eight members appointed by the taxing entities within Harris County which include the cities, school districts and college districts.

The representation changed as a result of Proposition 4, approved by voters in November of last year, which changed three of the appointed positions to elected ones in counties of populations of 75,000 or more.

Elected board members will have substantial influence in the appraisal process, since two of the three elected board members must approve every appointment to the Appraisal Review Board from which three-member review panels are appointed. It is the three-member panels that hear property owners’ protests for the annual valuations on which taxes are based.

TCR’s HCAD Board Endorsements

HCAD Director, Place 1—Bill Frazer

HCAD Director, Place 2—Kyle Scott

HCAD Director, Place 3—Ericka McCrutcheon

Since this is expected to be a low turnout election, you can make a huge difference in the election results and on the HCAD Board, so we urge you to do your duty for conservative principles by VOTING!

The elections of the elected board members will take place for the first time on May 4, 2024. Early voting for that election runs April 22-April 30, 2024.

A Plan to Resolve the Israel-Palestine War

By Brian Ettinger

We have gotten to the place where the U.S. has now questioned Israel's handling of the war against the terrorist organization, Hamas. The U.S. Government has gone through a shift in U.S. policy towards Israel due to President Biden and the progressive Democrats with their antisemitic conduct. Let me remind you that war is terrible and innocent people involved in it are killed. This is a terrorist urban war in which terrorists embed themselves into the civilian population, so you are forced to fight it with high civilian injuries and death rates.

Before October 7, 2023, the situation was at a status quo.

  • The Palestinian people want their own designated territories and not depend on or be occupied by Israel.
  • The Palestinians want a two-state solution or a type of federation government with joint security force and lead to an open border, trade, work permits and free movements between Israelis and Palestinians.
  • Israel wants a secure country with accepted recognition by the other Arab countries to live in peace.

But these all changed on October 7, 2023, with these terrorists killing, raping burning bodies and kidnapping of innocent people not just Israelis. Israel has been asked to fight this war with blinders on and no other country has ever fought a war like this.

For U.S. Democratic politicians to criticize Israel at this time and calling for the removal of Israel's elected government and look at a change in U.S. policy towards Israel not only shows weakness of the U.S. Government but will also lead to more violence. Israel just took out senior Iranian revolutionary guard members in Syria that fund, supply weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah, another designated terrorist organization in Lebanon. These terrorist organizations supported by Iran shoot missiles for years into Israel territory blowing up innocent Israelis with car bombs or suicide attacks and the international community gives lip service but nothing more.

Israel fights back and they are criticized. The morons protesting at colleges and major cities do not have a clue of the real situation and issues. Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad will not accept Israel as a state and only wants to see it gone. This is more than just a land issue and UN is a useless organization that is bias and antisemitic.

Here is a plan to help resolve this war:

1) Israel will never rid Gaza of Hamas and the longer this war continues with killing of Palestinian people will lead to creating a new generation of terrorists. Palestinians need to accept Israel as a country and get off this position that “Israel stole our land, and we want return to the 1967 borders.” Never going to happen so look at working out a land compensation plan. But this also needs to include all the Jewish people whose land was taken or were forced to move from Syria, Iraq, or Iran.

2) The need to have a multi peace force in Gaza made up of Arab Countries; Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, French, UK Australia, and U.S. military force with the authority to take out any terrorist organization actions. They would act with a joint Israel and Palestinian security force. It is not perfect but works in the West Bank to a limited point and needs to be expanded with trust and respect for both sides.

3) Israel agrees to stand down now and pressure is put on Hamas to not launch any more attacks and shoot missiles into Israel. Once this is implemented then can address the issues of land, borders, free movements, trade, security, rebuilding of Gaza into a peaceful area with self-governing or by the PLO. This needs to be started now but if the parties are not interested in this approach, then keep on fighting and the U.S. government needs to not dictate how to fight this war. We were attacked in Pearl Harbor and went to war on the 9/11 attack and went to war against terrorists.

Our media and protesters supporting these terrorists right now need to be held accountable. The policy shifts by the U.S. Government Officials will lead to long term damage to the U.S. and show weaknesses and let our allies know that the U.S. cannot be trusted or counted on to stand with them. If this shift in U.S. policy position is based on protest it shows a lack of commitment when innocent people get killed in war. We need real leadership, not the morons making these decisions. Israel is fighting this war for the U.S. as we learn of how terrorists fight strategy in an urban setting and these terrorists have no regard for human life. The U.S. sees what weapons are used and works but are not directly engaged as Israel does our dirty work. Rather than criticize Israel we should show more support and never think of withholding weapons they need or interfere with their elected government.


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