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In This Issue

Impeachment Part Two, Down In Flames

Covid And Our Schools

Border Disaster Coming Now

Covid Progress

Does Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo Walk On Water?

The Freeze Of 2021, Texas Lessons

Rush Limbaugh RIP

Book Review: The Great Demographic Reversal

An Immigrant's View Of The Change Of America And 2020 Election By Xiaojuan Warren, Guest Contributor

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Thoughts This Fortnight

Impeachment Part Two, Down In Flames

No surprise here, President Donald Trump did not cause the riot at the Capitol no more than Democratic leaders caused the riots in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, New York, Kenosha and others.

So the lesson here is tone down the words from all sides and let's leave President Trump alone in retirement.

Covid And Our Schools

Why are our children not in school every day learning? The CDC (remember, trust the science) says it is safe to return to class even without vaccinations for teachers.

What has President Joe Biden said? His definition of return to school incredibly is, first it was all schools must reopen in 100 days, now it’s 50% need to be holding in-person schools one day a week!

If your children are in private school, Catholic School or Parochial School, they have been full-time in person for months.

This isn't leadership, it's surrender to the teacher's union and the children are the victims.

Border Disaster Coming Now

With the Biden Executive Orders basically opening the door to illegal immigration and ending the wait in Mexico policy for those seeking asylum, the gates are wide open.

This week, I have just one question. With Covid prevention/protection allegedly being Biden's top priority, why are we opening the border for thousands, none being tested for Covid-19?

Got that? Letting illegals into the USA is more important than stopping Covid. You know in the campaign he didn't tell us that, did he? Can we have a re-vote?

Covid Progress

Per Bill King, we are making enormous progress on the Covid front.

  1. Hospitalizations have dropped by almost half since its peak 5 weeks ago.

  2. Deaths are down and look to have peaked in early January.

  3. Vaccinations are making good progress with just under 70 million doses administered.

  4. Testing; positive test rates are down to 5.8%.

We are winning the war vs. Covid. Now back to normal life, sooner not later.

Does Harris County Judge
Lina Hidalgo Walk On Water?

After a gushing Houston Chronicle profile about Lina Hidalgo, and now the Hobby Center poll says she is the most popular politician in Harris County, one has to wonder what is going on here?

Hidalgo was a graduate student in New York, who basically as a lark ran as the only Democrat in the primary to take on incumbent County Judge Ed Emmett. She ran in a unique year, the last straight ticket election in Texas and was elected by the Robert "Beto" O'Rourke $100 million campaign versus Senator Ted Cruz. Even with unprecedented help, she squeaked by.

The problem is, the other side of the story needs to be told.

  • She has led Harris County into virtually exhausting the "rainy day" funds by pushing every kooky spending idea brought forward.

  • She sponsored the $17+ million dollars Covid hospital at NRG stadium that delivered services to ZERO patients and was promptly dismantled.

  • She is the architect with County Commissioner Rodney Ellis of what they call "bail reform." Others more accurately describe it as a jail break for hardened criminals. Over 100 innocents are now dead, murdered by dangerous criminals released by the Hidalgo plan. Has she learned her lesson? No, she is pushing a new bail bond deal on felons to empty the county jail, releasing more of these criminals into our community!

  • She has been stopped for now from getting her jail break by State Senator Paul Bettencourt and his legislative colleagues who have said no and intervened in the pending suit.

  • She has been the leading advocate for a New York City-style lockdown restricting bars and restaurants and thus crippling that industry. She is supportive of virtual learning for our children, opposing the CDC and irate parents as many of our Harris County public schools remain closed to in-person learning, particularly HISD. As a result, many of our children from disadvantaged communities are falling hopelessly behind in their education.

  • She supports "equity" (now defined as shifting of funds to low-income communities of color, not the Webster definition of fair and impartial!) in spending flood dollars to stop flooding. This dumb idea is to install "quotas," and instead of attacking the flood problems where we need it most to save the most people and property from future floods. At TCR, we call this the politicalization of flood control. FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers have long funded flood control projects based on a cost benefit formula.

The truth is Hidalgo is a clear and present danger to the citizens of Harris County and their children.

The Freeze Of 2021, Texas Lessons

Weather is not always predictable. The winter storm of 2021 proved it.

We can either learn from our mistakes and prepare for the next freeze, or we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

First, our grid was not ready for freezing weather. Specifically, wind turbines froze up and we also had problems with natural gas pipelines' capacity being impacted as well as power plants going offline.

Second, peak power is not inexpensive like insurance, you don't need it until you need it. If you don't prepare, it won't be there.

Third, alternative energy is just one part of the total energy picture which includes fossil fuels. Wind is great until there is no wind, solar great until we have no sun.

Fourth, we also have challenges with the grid's vulnerability and we need an efficient energy storage solution (i.e., next generation batteries).

One thing is clear, we cannot afford to go through this again.

Rush Limbaugh RIP

This is sad news. Rush Limbaugh, probably the most brilliant commentator on talk radio in the history of radio, is gone.

This is as consequential a loss, or greater than, the loss of Ronald Reagan. Since 1988, for 33 years, he has been the leader of around 27 million people who listened on weekly broadcasts.

A common sense conservative whose vision and principles were generally spot on for America and her future.

He will be missed by us more than one would ever believe going forward. He was unique, and individually not replaceable.

Book Review: The Great Demographic Reversal

The Great Demographic Reversal by Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan. Published by Palgrave/Macmillan, 2020 Economics has been referred to as the dismal science. In this book, the former chair of Banking and Finance at the London School of Economics (Goodhart) and the former head of Morgan Stanley International (Pradhan), show once again that economics can indeed be depressing...

Read More

An Immigrant's View Of The
Change Of America And 2020 Election

By Xiaojuan Warren, Guest Contributor

Political Discrimination

I have always wondered why the term "Political discrimination" has not been discussed even though it has been a serious problem that has been overlooked for a long time. We have seen too many incidents where the institutions, companies, schools and media treat the conservatives and liberals (Republicans and Democrats) very differently. Their biased behaviors clearly fit the textbook definition of discrimination. Many have used the word "discrimination" as an excuse or as a weapon against everyone who disagrees with them. But the conservatives, who have been targeted by political discrimination, have not pointed out the essence of what they have experienced. The reporting of this past election, the reactions to last summer's riots and the Capitol riot definitely demonstrated this long unrecognized term.

Listening to the Senate debate on Jan 6 was astounding and disturbing. On the debate floor with all of the impassioned rhetoric (the quotations, the history lessons, personal stories), many blamed the Trump supporters for the Capitol riot without any investigations. The destructive action deserved everyone's condemnation. But my question to the leftists and Democrats is "Where were you last summer when BLM and Antifa and the far left burned the cities, businesses, a church and a police station and even threatened the White House?" Some Democratic officials even said: "It is just a building." The dismissive comments defending the lawless actions were all over the national media. Many state officials incited violence in public last summer and did not bear any responsibility. When BLM and Antifa took over the Wisconsin capitol in a riot, a congressional leader called it an "impressive show of democracy." A former first lady also dismissed the countrywide despicable action on national media. Now they want to persecute everyone who supports Trump. Suddenly simply going to DC to protest became tantamount to a crime. Many who had nothing to do with the riot have lost their jobs and were viciously attacked while the left failed to denounce the criminals who destroyed public property and others on "Inauguration Day." If the US Capitol is a sanctuary and important to those Congressmen, the businesses destroyed last summer were also important to their owners as those are their livelihood. We have seen the hundreds of National Guards sleeping on the floor while protecting the politicians in the Capitol, but helpless business owners' cries for help were ignored by liberal officials last summer. What kind of leaders do we have in this country? It is not an exaggeration to say that this government cares about itself, not its people. These are just a few of innumerable examples. The recent mistreatment of the National Guard (the garage incident) is another undeniable evidence of betrayal. The whole world has witnessed what is happening here. America has lost its credibility.

The Real Trump Supporters

Last summer the mainstream, social media and left gave a pass to BLM and Antifa rioters, but now are attacking Trump supporters about the Capitol protest as opposed to the riots. Let me tell you what those supporters I saw at the Texas Capitol on Jan 6 were really like:

  1. A typical western guy got ready to be searched at the gate of Austin Capitol and was told it was unnecessary and after a few steps in he turned around asking the security guard what the rules are in the rally.

  2. An elderly lady holding a walker struggled through the uphill lawn to the walkway at the Capitol. When a security guard stopped her, she willingly walked all the way back down the hill staggering with some of us helping.

  3. A minority lady passionately prayed for the country and Trump in front of the Capitol.

  4. A lady led people to sing the National Anthem.

  5. A teenager led the prayer for our country and leaders.

  6. Girls sang Texas country music to cheer people up.

  7. Many, many more ordinary hardworking, patriotic American people holding their signs and flags quietly stood there listening. They are the heart of America.

  8. Keep in mind that those supporters were not paid protesters.

Driving home in pouring rain, not knowing what happened at the US Capitol, tears were pouring down my cheeks all the way. I did not cry for Trump. I cried for this once great country and I cried for the Americans who love our country. Although people might not be moved by my story, I just feel obligated to express my thoughts hoping there is still a little freedom of speech left.

Who really represents the American people?

Like thousands of Chinese American immigrants I believed in the American system of democracy where citizens can communicate with their representatives in Congress and have their voices heard. However, after listening to some of the senators' speeches in the floor debate, I realized that I have wasted all of my time to write four letters to the Republican senators expressing my concerns about the election fraud, asking for an investigation and urging them to speak out for the American people. Obviously my concerns have been dismissed without any enquiry or explanation. In addition, I have wasted all my financial support not knowing the politicians are only interested in our money not our opinions. Thinking about my own just reelected US senator, I feel ignored to say the least. His long cookie cutter reply has nothing to do with the issue I wrote about. The American people have lost trust in both parties and our government.

Now the Congress tightened the security for themselves after the Capital riot, but Democrats are loosening the election rules and regulations (117TH CONGRESS 1ST SESSION H.R. 1) after the election fraud. This is insane logic! We really need to get rid of politicians who do not serve the American people.

The successful and failed leadership

Here are just a few of the many questions about the Capitol riot many tried to ignore, but we need to find the truth behind them. The public has not been told the whole story yet.

  1. If many congressmen knew in advance of the danger of the Jan 6th rally and were informed about Antifa's involvement and slept in their offices, where was the leadership of Congress regarding preparation to avoid this tragedy? There was almost zero preparation in light of rising tension with all eyes on the Congress for that important day. We all know why.

  2. Why was the security at the US Capitol a lot less than at the state capitol in Austin with hundreds times less people? Were the three security administrators just scapegoats?

  3. Why did Security in the Capitol refuse federal assistance?

  4. Why is the cry a hundred times louder when the damage is a thousand times less than the riots last summer?

  5. Although Trump could do more to lower the tension, his supporters have proven that they were peaceful protesters/true patriots for two months. All they wanted was to be heard. All they wanted is the truth. A few were not calm when all the avenues of redress were shut in their face and no one was willing to listen to them. If many leftists have understanding and compassion for the mobs of BLM and Antifa at last summer's riots, where is their understanding and compassion now?

  6. Were Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell working together planning to stop the growing support for the objection to the certification? What was their plan?

This was a failure of the leadership at the Capitol. You can hide the truth from the American people, but you can't deceive God. Truth will stand the test of time, deception will fail. The latest impeachment of the president and dismissal of last summer's riots have shown the whole world that the Congress does not have an ethical, objective and competent leadership.

Another interesting observation regarding the recent three races - House, Senate and Georgia Runoff - the GOP House had a big success, but we can't say the same for the other two GOP races. Just in case you didn't notice, the difference is that the GOP House leader doesn't have Chinese ties (correct me if I am wrong). Please think about this seriously. Leadership is essential. It is time to change.


It has been demonstrated by this election that hatred has won in the country. Before the election the media polls showed that a lot more people would vote against Trump rather than for Biden. After the election the media polls show that more Americans are happy about Trump's loss than about Biden's win. It is so sad to see what America has become. The hatred is so strong that many have lost their perspective about the future of the country.

In addition it was reported that AOC wanted to create an "accountability list" of supporters of Trump. That would correspond to the black list of dissidents of a dictatorial country. I am a Chinese American who fortunately was not persecuted in China, but could I be persecuted in America due to my political beliefs? Why isn't this a warning sign for all of the American people? No Chinese American would have ever imagined this could happen in the US. But here is a message to AOC -- No one on your "accountability list" is afraid of being there, especially Chinese Americans because we have seen the worst.

The hatred has dominated this country to the point that many have lost common sense and have zero tolerance for different opinions. The latest story of "Los Angeles Times columnist conflicted by 'Trumpite' neighbors plowing her driveway" (could not accept that a Trump supporter would perform an act of kindness) is a vivid example of how far the hatred has gone and how hatred can warp a person. Tom Brady was accused of racism because he won a game during black history month. It is absurd. In the latest impeachment trial, the Democrats' accusations basically were the outpouring of hatred of Trump. Also, a senator who had the courage to disagree on the Senate floor got his book deal canceled. After another publisher stepped in, some continued to petition demanding the cancellation of the new book deal. The massive dark force that cancels everyone who disagrees is truly astonishing.

Fraud or Not

I have watched every state hearing. To those who say that there is no fraud or there is not enough evidence to investigate; I want you to look in the eyes of hundreds of ordinary, hardworking and patriotic Americans who care about the truth and risked their livelihoods to give testimonies about election irregularities and fraud and try to tell them that they were not telling the truth. Democrats talked about science all last summer. Why don't they look at the science now, perhaps because it does not serve their cause? Many experts have used science to prove the probability of fraud, but the left, the media, legislators, DOJ, and even the court system refused to listen or to ask for an investigation. That should scare all Americans because it just shows how deep and how massive the corruption really is. Don't just tell the American people that there is no fraud. Prove it through HONEST investigation. Too many politicians put their personal gain and personal hatred above the country. An even more disturbing consequence of saying there is no fraud is there would be no investigation, no change to the irregularities and no correction of the loopholes. Therefore fraud will continue and democracy will be destroyed in America.

To a teacher, the universal mail-in ballots without a validation of voter eligibility but with expectation of a fair election is similar to an open-resource SAT test without any supervision but with expectation of a fair reflection of an individual's ability. In both situations, the potential for extensive fraud has been introduced. It is critical that public confidence in the election process must be restored. An impartial investigation should be carried out to either prove or disprove the many claims that have been raised. That was the desire of the Capitol protesters, but those voices have been silenced by society.

Trump and His Failure

Trump is not a righteous person, but he was the right person at the right time. Trump is not a diplomatic man, but he is a man who doesn't back down when facing difficulties (He is the first leader who has the courage to stand up to the political correctness that is killing people's common sense and killing our country). Trump is not a man who is easy to work with or for, but he is a man to get things done. Trump is neither a man of integrity nor a man of character, but undoubtedly he is a man of tremendous accomplishment and success for the country. That paradox is frustrating and confusing. That is why I ask God every day why He gave us such a deeply flawed person to save our country? Look at what happened in the past decades; America has driven God out of the public realm and out of people's lives; we don't deserve His blessings. Although Trump is far from perfect, in this democratic country are all of his flaws enough reason for our government, mainstream media and big tech companies to orchestrate putting him in exile? I wish many could just put their hatred (and their plans to reprogram our minds) aside for a while and think why such a flawed man has gotten so much love/devotion from so many American people. Trump is really not the president of the bureaucratic system/establishment and socialism, but he is truly the president of the American People. I feel the two reasons for Trump's failure in the election are: (1) He did not realize manner/demeanor/character does matter and (2) he did not realize how much pride displeases God.

Red and Blue

While many argue whether and how some swing states have been turned blue by the Democrats, has anyone noticed that China has turned the US more and more to Communist red? China has been infiltrating the US for a long time. One thing that allows dictators to hold power is turning people against one another. It is happening right now in our country. Children report parents, siblings report siblings, friends report friends, etc. It brought so many painful memories to many Chinese who went through that horrific period of the "Cultural Revolution." In addition the Democrats' tactics of "accuse and attack" in lieu of provable facts is reminiscent of tactics used by the CCP. Decades ago when the US helped China to get onto the world stage and market hoping China could change to a more democratic society, little did they know that dream was doomed in the first place. Americans had no clue about the CCP, but the Chinese government has been extensively researching, analyzing and understanding about the US system and its people for decades. So not only has the expectation failed, but also the CCP has used the opportunity to change the US. As a Chinese official bragged in a widely viewed video, there are many of China's "old friends" in many crucial US governmental, business and educational positions and many have been compromised. America has become unrecognizable. The scandal involving a female Chinese spy in last year's news was a shock to many Americans, but it was not only predictable to many Chinese Americans, but also we know how extensively this tactic is used all over the US. The real threat has been ignored by our leaders. In fact the dangers like that posed by the China Daily newspaper distributed in the Capitol without any restriction and Chinese propaganda spreading in some major US newspapers and colleges are more harmful to American democracy than the Capitol riot because they invade the American people's minds. It is inconceivable that there is still no urgency about this dangerous American cultural change and China's ambitions among the American people. The fight between the right (red) and the left (blue) has never been so intense.


The unfortunate reality is that Trump's haters ignore his great success and many of his supporters (including people of faith) ignore his flawed character and his arrogance. A few people tried to do the right thing to rebuild faith in the election process, but they were slaughtered by the left and right. Just look what happened to Senator Josh Hawley, Senator Ted Cruz, other senators, and those congressmen who objected to the certification. They used the same procedure already employed by the Democrats three times in the past twenty years. All they wanted was to find out the truth and have American people's voice heard. But the vicious attacks from every direction are unbelievable. In this deeply divided country, being objective is not an easy thing. How can we come together at this point? I would love for someone to give me an answer.

Xiaojuan Warren is a legal immigrant to the US and a regular reader of TCR.

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