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Volume XIX Number 17 - September 9, 2020     RSS Feed   

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Labor Day, Now We Get To The Finals On The 2020 Elections

2020 Mail Ballot Present Massive Fraud Potential, Stolen Elections?

Rita Polland (1927 2020), My Mom, RIP

Facts Vs. Opinion: The Harris County Free-Bail System Is Not Working

Fact-Checking Joe Biden: You Are Not Entitled To Your Own Facts

The New Camelot By Brian Ettinger, Contributing Editor

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Thoughts This Fortnight

Labor Day,
Now We Get To The Finals On The 2020 Elections

We are rapidly approaching this year's month-long election. Because of early voting, universal (in some states) ballot by mail, absentee voting and voting on November 3, it will be that long.

TCR agrees with Texas leaders, Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton and State Senator Paul Bettencourt, ballot my mail should be for seniors and those who request same with proof of one's identity.

Universal mail-in ballots are first unnecessary due to COVID-19. The esteemed Dr. Fauci says in-person voting is just fine, if everyone has a mask and maintains social distancing.

So why the push for universal mail-in voting by the left? Because of the incredible opportunity for fraud and cheating. Just this week, a muckraking reporter uncovered in Houston, an existing Democrat plot to vote harvest votes in the black community. Houston Business Connections is a newspaper edited by Aubrey Taylor. His sources of his investigation reveal that in the 2018 primary, Democratic operatives cheated. One of many examples were 32 handwritten applications for mail-in ballots, all had: (1) the same handwriting, (2) used the same pre-printed envelope, (3) the same type stamp, (4) all lived in the precinct #259, (5) all used the same style "x" to mark their ballots, (6) they only voted for two candidates (Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, and Harold Dutton Jr., (7) in 2018, the first two people to pick up 50 or more packages of mail-in ballot applications have forgery convictions, and (8) finally, were they paid by the campaigns? Yes, Sheila Jackson Lee has made multiple payments to convicted forger Gloria Palmer.

It's clear our ballot by mail system is ripe for fraud. What has happened in the past is child's play compared to the left's plans this year.

2020 Mail Ballot Present Massive Fraud Potential,
Stolen Elections?

So now that we know the mail-in ballot plan is not to be trusted, let's look at the future - California to see what could happen!

In California, we have motor voter, so if you get a driver's license you get registered to vote. What about legal and illegal immigrants? Them too and it's illegal. We know from studies that in November 2018, 449,000 Californians got out of jury duty because they claimed they weren't citizens. That is the problem with motor voter and alien driver's licenses, they are an invitation to fraud and must be stopped.

Ah, but there is more in California and many other states including Texas, they don't purge their inactive voter rolls (you know like moved out of county, died, convicted of a felony), we know it's going on due to the great work of Judicial Watch. In 2019, California and Los Angeles County settled a suit and agreed to purge as many as 1.5 million inactive voters in California.

There is more as we have out-of-date and inaccurate voter registration rolls within a single state and shockingly, there is no comprehensive coordination among all the states to eliminate duplicate voter registrations in more than one state. The multi-state voter registration duplication, per the National Commission on Election Reform, "are a source of potential fraud."

And now you understand that massive mail-in ballots without a voter-id component is as described in 2005 by the National Commission on Federal Election Reform that voting by mail is "likely to increase the risks of fraud and of contested elections." That was at a time when voting by mail was a small number and in its early stages across the country.

So, ballot by mail is designed to steal a massive number of votes, via vote harvesting and out and out cheating.

Now you know why the left and its media allies are pushing this, they want a guaranteed Joe Biden win.

Rita Polland (1927 2020)
My Mom, RIP

Your Editor lost his 93-year-old mother recently. She was the matriarch of our extended family spread from coast to coast.

In her last five years, she has lived in Houston, and up until Covid, she was living pretty independently.

The lockdown greatly reduced our contact with her which some would call social isolation. Not a good thing. With precautions, somehow she contacted Covid and with the other issues a typical 93-year-old has, it creates complications.

She was given the state-of-the-art treatment at Memorial Hermann Medical Center. She was fortunate that when she entered the hospital, Covid numbers were down so they were able to give her Remdesivir and plasma which was rationed last month when she couldn't have qualified (which is a preview of what socialized medicine would bring us).

She was a great mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and what is truly sad is up until the end, she was as sharp as a tack, it's the body that wore out.

Your Editor learned much from her, perseverance, honesty, hard work, loyalty, friendship and the importance of education. Her teachings never ended. I was always her son.

Politically, we didn't always agree. In fact, some of her last words were she wished she could vote in November against one of the candidates and spend more time with her five great-grandchildren.

I salute my mother, 93 great years; a life to be celebrated, remembered and treasured always. I will miss you.

Facts Vs. Opinion:
The Harris County Free-Bail System Is Not Working

The report in the Houston Chronicle of September 4, 2020 is inaccurate based on the oversight team (that taxpayers are paying for) who have ignored the problems. The monitors have ignored information provided by other county officials that show otherwise.

The goal of using the poster children, first offender misdemeanor shoplifting stuck in jail as he or she couldn't get a bond to sell a massive free bond system, has worked.

But hundreds of multiple-time offenders are in a revolving door out of jail on a free bond and committing more crimes, some as serious as murder and often out again. Why can't we get an honest assessment?

They also ignored Andy Kahan, long-time victim advocate and Director of Victim Services at Crime Stoppers. Kahan's most recent example, Vernon Menifee, out on three felony bonds and charged with murder. What is unbelievable, he recently got a bond on the new murder for a cash deposit of $15,000. There are hundreds and hundreds of stories like this. You can't make it up.

And don't forget the radical left empty the jail advocates due to COVID-19 have been working since the Spring in Federal court to empty the county jail aided by County Judge Lina Hidalgo and County Commissioner Rodney Ellis. Fortunately, Attorney General Ken Paxton and District Attorney Kim Ogg have been standing tall and opposing this jail break. One high level HPOU (police union) leader told your Editor, if this happens, Harris County would become the Wild West with public safety decimated.

Fact-Checking Joe Biden:
You Are Not Entitled To Your Own Facts

With thanks to Joel Pollak:

"Biden, who might need a professional fact-checking intervention, judging by his performance in the interview with Andrea Mitchell a few weeks ago, when he made several demonstrably false claims that Mitchell never bothered to correct."

"1. Charlottesville "very fine people" hoax. Biden again claimed falsely that President Trump had referred to neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, as "very fine people." That fact that Biden is misquoting Trump, who said the neo-Nazis and white supremacists should be "condemned totally." The "very fine people" were non-violent protesters on either side of the issue of the removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee from a local park, not the extremists.

"2. Biden claimed that President Trump is doing "nothing" about coronavirus. This is a nonsense claim. From the China travel ban - which Biden opposed; to the coronavirus task force; to the CARES Act; to the Payment Protection Program; to Operation Warp Speed on vaccines; to invoking the Defense Production Act to manufacture much-needed ventilators and personal protective equipment; to the mobilization of military hospitals and ships; Trump has done plenty of things.

"3. Biden claimed the Republican National Convention (RNC) "didn't speak about COVID." Several speakers at the RNC spoke about the coronavirus, or COVID-19, and the President specifically honored medical professionals on the front lines. First Lady Melania Trump shared the grief of those families who have lost loved ones to the disease, as did Vice President Mike Pence.

"4. Biden claimed that Trump talked about "injecting bleach." Trump never said that. He talked about injecting ultraviolet (UV) light, a long-used disinfectant, into the lungs as an experimental therapy.

"5. Biden claimed that the Trump administration had no plan for distributing a vaccine for coronavirus. The plan is called Operation Warp Speed, and the President talks about it frequently. The goal of the plan is to distribute 300 million doses of vaccine to the entire country.

"6. Biden claimed that there were no race riots during the Obama-Biden administration and the National Guard was never called. He seemed to have forgotten that the Black Lives Matter movement started in 2014, and rioted in Ferguson, Missouri; or that the National Guard were called in to quell race riots in Baltimore, Maryland after the death of Freddie Gray in police custody in 2015; or that five police were murdered in Dallas, Texas, during a Black Lives Matter march in 2016.

"7. Biden claimed that Kellyanne Conway said Republicans were encouraging violence because it helped them politically. The exact quote was: "The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on who's best on public safety and law and order." Biden omitted the context, in which Conway had pointed out that Democrat mayors and governors had refused President Trump's offers to send help to stop the violence and the looting.

"8. Jacob Blake was never mentioned in any of the speeches at the Republican convention. This last lie was told by Mitchell herself. The opening speech of the second night of the RNC referred to Blake specifically. Pastor Norma Urrabazo offered an opening prayer in which she said: "Lord, we come before you to ask for your spirit of peace to come over hurting communities in Wisconsin tonight. We pray for healing and comfort to Jacob Blake and his family." Which interestingly contains his father a fire-breathing anti-Semite, hate group leader and supporter of Louis Farrakhan. This is the same person Biden by his visit, elevated as a civil rights leader. Yes, you can't make this up."

The New Camelot
By Brian Ettinger, Contributing Editor

There was a Kingdom far away with a King, a round table made up of Knights in Shining Armor and controlled the lives of its people. This place made July and August not too hot, limited snow and forbidden winter until December. Rain may never fall after sundown and fog disappeared at 8 am. In short, there's not a more congenial spot for happiness ever after in Camelot. Its people were happy to subject themselves to the laws the King and round table of Knights made. "Might Makes Right" and "Respect and Compassion for All." They lived happy and productive lives. But like all magical places it came to an end by greed, strife, power grabbing, war, and destruction of the castle. This implosion occurred and just like that, it was gone.

Now the USA has a new Camelot by anti-government groups, Marxism, left-wing mob rule that encourages unlawful protest, rioting, looting and attacking our law enforcement officials, destroying government buildings and taking down statues that reflect the country's history (good or bad). They want to change our history and start it from the date slaves were brought to the new world, the 1619 project, not when Columbus discovered the new world in 1492.

They ignore rights granted to our citizens, speech, religious freedom, right to bear arms, destruction of property and government buildings plus assaults on our law enforcement officials with no accountability. If you disagree with their point of view just shoot them down or better yet, beat them or kick them in the head when on the ground.

Keep up this lawlessness and the USA will go the same way as Camelot. The cancel culture, or as I call it the nanny/spoiled culture wanting everything for nothing such as free healthcare, free college, reparations; where looting and stealing are accepted ways of life. They need to respect the law, each other and be held accountable. They want to live off the government programs and never advance and grow as a person of substance. They destroyed the traditional family structure as having babies raised by a single parent and looked to the government to take care of them. They glorify celebrities or athletes who join their protest by not playing games, but expect to get paid. The media and social media paint them as saints and do not accurately report the destruction to people and property. They see being educated as not important to move up in society or to learn to be self reliant. Just accept the handout culture, with no work ethic and take what they want. They never built anything but know how to destroy it from others who spent their lives building a business or becoming educated to work in fields of industry or careers such as medicine, law, accounting and other professions.

This group of misfits look at our economic system of capitalism as bad, but yet they are the first ones in line for a handout. This culture is not suited to lead, remember they are the generation when playing sports that "all get a trophy," so no winners or losers.

The new Camelot is heading down the same course as the old magical place. Stop this now by voting for the leaders who will lead our country out of this insane situation of lawlessness and disrespect for our system of government. If it takes a strong hand to arrest and prosecute them, then do it. Law enforcement needs to do their job, and yes, be accountable when overstepping acceptable conduct in enforcing the law. When a law enforcement officer tells a person to stop or the person runs away from an officer, throws an object that can hurt an officer, or has a weapon, then listen to the officer. Respect the law which would diffuse a situation where someone gets hurt or killed.

Everyday all over the USA there are shootings, robberies, assaults, domestic violence, destruction of property and we expect law enforcement officers to come out to protect the public. But these people are looking to destroy our society, so we need to hold them accountable. If there is no law enforcement to call, then our society will become lawless. And, just like that, our country will be gone, like Camelot.

Brian Ettinger is a practicing attorney and contributing editor to TCR. He is a strong conservative who is concerned about America's future.

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