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Austin Goes Off The Rails On Public Safety

Kamala Harris - Our Thoughts

TCR Editor On New TV Show: Tell It Like It Is

Who is Not Going to Accept Election Results? By Bruce Bialosky, Contributing Editor

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Thoughts This Fortnight

Austin Goes Off The Rails On Public Safety

It seems clear, the people's republic of Austin, led by an all leftist City Council, voted to drastically cut police funding by more than 1/3 of the budget, $150 million.

Unlike some cities that reallocated funds for social workers, or safety services, they sent some of the money to abortion access and other non-public safety items. I guess because abortions help public safety.

So let's see, while Austin is growing by leaps and bounds, the fools that run the City are taking a meat ax to things like: the 911 call center; Forensic Sciences (keys to investigations); police community partnership; victim’s services; internal affairs (to root out bad cops); traffic enforcement; park police lake patrol; and nuisance abatement, among other things. Services that sound important for quality of life.

Does this make Austin safer, does it improve the Austin Police Department so it does a better job of interacting with the public?

No, and these leftist councilmen are the same ones that want to end your right to defend yourself via the Second Amendment. When are the voters of Austin going to wake up and elect at least some level-headed people to its City Council?

Does Austin really want to be as lawless and mob ruled as Seattle, Chicago, New York, or Portland? What should be done now is recall the crazies on Council, because the citizens of Austin should be “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.”

Kamala Harris - Our Thoughts

To be fair, she is smart, has strong lawyer abilities, and if you look at her history as District Attorney, she generally followed and enforced the law. Certainly compared to the looney left District Attorneys in such cities as Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, etc., she was pretty mainstream. But then the other side of the coin and the major media depiction of her as moderate and other things that aren't true.

  1. She is not a black female, she is multi-racial.

  2. She is not a moderate, but instead is in the top three percent of the U.S. Senate most liberal voting records with the most leftist record in 2020.

  3. She was disgraceful in her acts in the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings.

  4. She has called Joe Biden a racist and said she believes the women who claim Biden sexually harassed them.

  5. She favors open borders and described ICE agents “like the members of the Ku Klux Klan.”

  6. She bought the Jessie Smollett hoax in Chicago, remember she called it “an attempted modern day lynching” except it was totally fake designed to blame Trump supporters.

  7. She was rightfully taken apart by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) on her shameful record of Harris locking up innocent people and blocking the release of evidence that would clear them.

  8. She supports a government-run health plan that would have you, the taxpayer, cover illegal immigrants too.

  9. She is co-sponsor of the economy destroying Green New Deal and she supports the Medicare for All, the socialized medicine scheme.

  10. She wants to repeal the 2017 Trump tax cuts which led to the great pre-Covid economy.

  11. She favors banning fracking and offshore drilling, crippling the domestic oil and gas industry and renew American dependence on foreign oil.

Finally, she is a major league gun grabber wanting to ban so-called assault weapons and high capacity magazines, both are not defined. She is another of the radical anti-Second Amendment crowd whose goal is to take guns from law abiding citizens, which is problematic in that she has supported efforts to defund/slash funding for the police, applauding Mayor Garcetti of LA’s cut of $150 million in the police budget.

What one sees when looking at Senator Harris and her record is a typical ambitious politico with few real principles whose finger is to the wind to see where her party is at the moment. She is a dangerous choice for America.

TCR Editor On New TV Show:
Tell It Like It Is

In addition to Editor Gary Polland's co-hosting duties on PBS Houston's Red, White & Blue now in its 20th year, he recently has undertaken the hosting duties on YouTube interview show, Tell It Like It Is.

The show is at American Star TV or at YouTube, New shows are taped weekly and are available as follows:

  • Cal Thomas on his new book America’s Expiration Date;

  • 2020 Supreme Court Decisions Review with noted law professor Josh Blackman

  • The State of our Police with Union Leader Ray Hunt;

  • Economist Neil Nobel on The State of Our Economy and Investments;

  • Robert Muhammed on The Black Citizens Situation in the U.S.;

  • David Mitcham on The State of the Criminal Justice System;

  • A Review of the Political Scene as it Stands Today with Gerry Birnberg;

  • Dr. Steven Hotze on Covid-19, The Real Story;

  • Women Sports and Its Future with Jolanda Jones and Dwight Jefferson and former Bush Presidential Aide Chase Untermeyer;

  • Jeff Rosenberg on The State of Sports;

  • Matt Mackowiak on Texas Politics Now;

  • Jay Aiyer on Politics and Texas CD-18 Candidate Wendell Champion.

Who Is Not Going To Accept Election Results?
By Bruce Bialosky, Contributing Editor

A wide discussion started well in advance of election day (November 3rd) that President Trump will not accept the results of the election and vacate the White House if defeated. The question is: Who will be the people not accepting the results?

I have written previously on this subject regarding the 2016 election. I wrote of wackos in the Republican party (yes; there are some - although the majority are nestled on the LEFT) speculating before and after the 2016 election that Mr. Obama would not leave on January 20, 2017. At the time, I expressed to their faces and in writing that this was a ridiculously stupid theory and that they should never repeat it again to a live person.

The difference currently is that the theories coming from the Democrats are not coming just from the deranged Left. On June 11th, Vice-President Joe Biden stated his "single greatest concern" is President Trump "will try to steal the election." That he is absolutely "convinced" the military will need to escort Trump from the White House if he loses the election but refuses to leave office. Notice he does not state that Trump would not leave office; he just purports the idea that come January 20, 2021, Mr. Trump will have to be escorted by military. Other than this being a grossly dangerous statement on its face, it would be the Secret Service who would be called to carry out the task. Does Mr. Biden not even know how our government works?

To compound the establishment irresponsibly expressing concern for Trump not accepting election results, former Secretary of State John Kerry jumped into the discussion. Kerry suggested that a Trump win could cause a revolution because it could only occur through the Democrats constant argument of voter suppression. "If people don't have adequate access to the ballot, I mean that's the stuff on which revolutions are built," Kerry stated in a virtual appearance at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit. "If you begin to deny people the capacity of your democracy to work, even the Founding Fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, we have an inherent right to challenge that. And I'm worried that increasingly, people are disaffected." To review, the former Secretary of State stated to foreign dignitaries that America is not a free and open democracy and that we regularly suppress voter's rights despite the fact we were probably the only country participating in the conference that does not require a valid government ID to vote.

There are two things that must be looked at here: Voter fraud and the mail service.

The mail service is easier. Much like the police, the mail service has the same relationships with our political parties. Republicans like mail carriers, but not their union. Democrats like the mail carrier union but care little about the mail carriers.

Trump recently suggested the USPS should raise their rates - particularly on packages - or he would seek remedies. The howl from the Democrats was audible. Interesting that people who were howling would not for the most part use the USPS if you had a gun to their head. They deride it as "snail mail" and certain subgroups may not even be able to tell you where their mailbox is located. They deserted the service ages ago. They want to protect the USPS because of the unions. Coincidentally, soon after this issue arose, the two principal competitors to USPS (FEDEX and UPS) raised their rates. (Note: I use USPS virtually every business day and know the names of my carriers both at home and at work).

Don't take my word for having only mail-in ballots as a potential disaster. See what the ultra-liberal ProPublica has to say. Then there is the Wall Street Journal that stated "In 2018 the U.S. Postal Service delivered 95.6% of election and political mail on schedule, according to an audit by the inspector general. The score was 86.6% for a processing facility in Wisconsin, 79.4% for one in Ohio, and 75.7% for one in Florida." If that many states cannot trace their ballots we have a potential mess on our hands. As delineated by ProPublica, when absentee ballots are requested, millions are not returned supposedly (disappear) or are late. How many will go missing or be late with everyone voting absentee? (Note: The Beautiful Wife's 2018 absentee ballot went missing, was used and sent in by someone else. She had to get a replacement ballot).

Then there is the issue of voter fraud. These issues are still denied by the Democrats while they shriek of voter suppression. They deny the need for voter ID and insult poor Blacks and Hispanics saying it is too much of a burden for them to provide such to vote.

Please see the Heritage Foundations voter fraud info. It is either true or not true and screaming that it is a right-wing think tank collecting this info does not make it false. Or read the hundreds of columns from Hans von Spakovsky, an attorney, who specializes in this topic - voter fraud is real.

As recently reported by Byron York, a bi-partisan anti-Trump group called Transition Integrity Project did four different scenarios of the election and found the Biden people to be problematic. In the end, "Democrats gave various reasons for their refusal, but basically said that it was of the utmost importance to them to 'prevent' a second Trump term - so important that they would deny a clear and legitimate Trump victory."

And there is the most troubling of new procedures that was legalized in California - ballot harvesting. I wrote a previous column on this, but I will sum up the ridiculousness of this idea this way: If someone shows up at your door to sell magazines or candy for some worthy cause, we are taught to be highly suspect in that instance but should not be suspect in handing over your election ballot, one of your revered rights in America, to a complete stranger.

Let's return to the focus of this column: accepting the results of the election. First the Democrats and their candidate have never accepted the results of the 2016 election. They have attempted to wreak havoc almost every day since. They allowed an unruly group to control a major portion of an American city that is home to 30,000 people and innumerable businesses. They have allowed destruction of federal and other buildings endorsed by municipal and state leadership who restrict the actions of their own police forces. Do you really think that based on their current actions, their constant unfounded charges of voter suppression, their comments by their Presidential candidate, that they are going to walk away from this election if Mr. Trump wins?

I don't.

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee. You can follow Bruce on Twitter @brucebialosky.

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