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Volume XVIII Number 5 - April 5, 2019     RSS Feed   

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In This Issue

Red, White, And Blue Takes On Austin

Worth Your Time, Documentary From KOMO-ABC Seattle Called "Seattle Is Dying"

The Left Ruins Everything

Why Is The Major Media Trying To Suppress "Unplanned" The Movie?

The Major Media And The Mueller Probe

Border Crisis Update And The Crazy Left's New Kooky Ideas

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Thoughts This Fortnight

Red, White, And Blue Takes On Austin

The longest running public affairs show on television in Texas is going to Austin to tape a special edition of Houston Public Media's (PBS show) Red, White, and Blue. Planned interviews are with key state officials from both parties. It will be worth watching.

Worth Your Time, Documentary From KOMO-ABC Seattle Called "Seattle Is Dying"

This riveting documentary could be the story of other major U.S. cities, including Houston! This video shows how crime, homelessness, mental illness, and our permissiveness and false comparison allow our once great cities to decline in many areas to third-world status. It is a must see:

The Left Ruins Everything

TCR Comment: Writer and talk show host Dennis Prager's recent comments on the left's impact on, well "everything." Here are the highlights. For more wisdom go to

"If what I am about to tell you is true, almost everything we most treasure - freedom, beauty, reason, the family, economic well-being, and even goodness - is in jeopardy. Who or what poses this threat?"

"Here are just a few examples:

"1. The universities

"Perhaps the most obvious example - one that many liberals acknowledge - is the left's near destruction of most universities as places of learning. In the words of Harvard professor Steven Pinker - an atheist and a liberal - because of the left, "universities are becoming laughing stocks of tolerance."

"At almost every university - and now high schools and even elementary schools - students are taught to shut down - not debate - those who differ with them. And to rely on feelings rather than reason.

"2. Literature

"The English department at the University of Pennsylvania replaced the portrait of the greatest English-language writer who ever lived, William Shakespeare, with a picture of a black lesbian poet. Why? Because he was a white European male. Leftist professors have replaced the pursuit of excellence with the pursuit of diversity.

"3. Late-night television

"In America, late night television shows used to be completely apolitical. The hosts believed their role was to entertain viewers and offer them relief and laughter after a difficult day. No longer. You cannot watch late-night television if you just want to be entertained. Late-night TV is now left-night TV.

"4. Religion

"The left has ruined much of mainstream Protestantism and Catholicism, and non-Orthodox Judaism, which are now little more than left-wing organizations with religious symbols. In many churches and synagogues, one is more likely to hear the clergy talk about political issues than about any other subject, including the Bible.

"5. Free speech

"If there was anything virtually every American considered a bedrock value, it was freedom of speech. Yet, the left is destroying even this unique American achievement. Almost half of America's young people say they believe in free speech, but not for "hate speech." Yet, the whole point of free speech is that it allows people to express any political or social position, including what any one of us considers, "hate speech." And "hate speech" now means "any position the left differs with."

"6. Race

"America has become the least racist multi-racial society in world history. On a daily basis, Americans of every race and ethnicity get along superbly. But the left constantly poisons young minds with angry diatribes about "systemic racism," "micro aggressions," and "white privilege."

"7. The Boy Scouts

"The left is destroying the Boy Scouts. They're not even the Boy Scouts anymore; they're just the Scouts. The left forced them to admit girls.

"So why does the left engage in so much destruction? Because it thinks America is essentially a bad country. But America is only bad compared to Utopia. And the left is utopian."

Why Is The Major Media Trying To Suppress "Unplanned" The Movie?

Here's another example of the politically correct censorship of free speech.

Unplanned is a new movie about one of the youngest clinic directors in the nation for Planned Parenthood, who excited them when she observed an ultrasound on a 13-week old boy during an abortion. The boy actively avoided the probe, backing up until there was nowhere to go and lost his life. After viewing this horror, the Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson left them and joined the pro-life side.

A couple of observations - first the liberal pro-choice major media and TV networks have refused to run ads for this movie. I guess this is censorship. Lifetime network refused due to the "sensitive nature of the film." It's not just that but the MPAA rated the movie R, when so many movies with violence and sexual situations gets a PG. You be the judge, but our take is censorship.

The movie is an eye-opener and is tough to watch but also uplifting. Why? Go watch the preview at and judge the film for yourself.

The suppression of this film is yet another example of political correctness run amok.

The Major Media And The Mueller Probe

Now that it seems (at least to most thinking Americans) that the investigation into an alleged conspiracy between the Donald Trump campaign is over with no finding of any collusion. Let's reflect on the out of proportion coverage by the major media while it got in lockstep with the Democratic Party and Never Trumpers.

Media Research Center found that ABC, CBS, and NBC devoted 2,310 minutes of coverage over 791 days. That amounts to around 3 minutes a night! The unseriousness of the media is troubling as we get no real balanced coverage and we get little discussions of real public policy changes we face.

TCR wonders, will the major media apologize for its over-the-top, incorrect, and biased coverage? Doubtful.

Border Crisis Update And
The Crazy Left's New Kooky Ideas

Incredible but true reports from our southern border officials last week - that they apprehended more than 55,000 illegals in March. Most of them from Central America, who should be treated like Mexican citizen illegals and repatriated rapidly to their countries, but unfortunately our Congress must authorize this and also, legislate the Federal courts out of micromanaging our immigration policy.

So President Trump is correct about the border crisis and his administration needs to act any way it can.

While the crisis on the border builds, Democratic Presidential candidate and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is now suggesting that illegals should get a driver's license (and with motor vehicle registration, they would get a voter registration card) and Social Security benefits. We know Social Security has some near and long term solvency issues, so her idea won't help but hurt. The other crazy idea is illegals get to vote in local elections! Does citizenship mean anything anymore?

These and other kooky ideas, if adopted by the leftists taking over the Democratic Party will result in citizenship in the U.S. meaning nothing special.

TCR's review of recent polls indicate 71% of Americans oppose giving illegals the right to vote and 61% of New Yorkers oppose driver's licenses for illegals. There you go Congress, get to work and secure our borders.

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