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Runoff Elections In Houston, Will You Be Part Of The Solution To Our Lost City?

Finish The Job - In 2018 We Supported Our Firefighters Overwhelmingly, Now We Need To Return To The Polls

Impeachment And Our Constitutional Scholars By Brian Ettinger, Contributing Editor

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City of Houston Voters, Please Vote:
Download TCR 2019 Runoff Voters Guide PDF

Runoff Elections In Houston
Will You Be Part Of The Solution To Our Lost City?

It is fascinating to watch the runoff for Mayor of Houston. Incumbent Sylvester Turner has an overall weak record, especially in the areas of: (1) flood prevention and repair, (2) public safety - fire and police, (3) public integrity with numerous insider deals, which netted him millions in campaign dollars.

The most recent financial reports show Turner's cronies are back with around $1.7 million since late October, as described in the Houston Chronicle, "By the end of the first round, much of Turner's donor base have met the City's contribution limits of $5,000 per person & $10,000 per PAC --- the cap resets for the runoffs."

So the Turner cronies pay to play contractors are all in to save their guy because they know a new day is coming with Tony Buzbee. No longer will contracts be given out based on one's political donations, ending the corrupt fail to perform, pay to play machine run by career politician Turner.

Tony Buzbee in a recent speech, pointed out the litany of broken promises to the people of Houston by Turner:

  1. First, he said he'd add 800 police officers to HPD.

  2. As Mayor, he promised he would practice zero-based budgeting.

  3. Turner also told us he would fix our broken streets.

  4. He told us he would reduce the risk of flooding.

  5. Turner promised he'd build more affordable housing.

  6. He also said he would make significant investments to our fire department.

Buzbee asked a question of his fellow citizens recently, "Can anyone look at the present state of Houston city government and say: Let's have four more years of this?"

Turnout will be low. Every vote is critical. We must have a change at Houston City Hall. Conservatives and Republicans need to show up and vote for a better Houston. It's quite simply up to you. Take the time to vote for Tony Buzbee for Mayor and for TCR's other endorsed candidates.

TCR's 2019 Endorsed Candidates PDF

TCR's Runoff Candidate Questionnaire

Finish The Job, In 2018
We Supported Our Firefighters Overwhelmingly,
Now We Need To Return To The Polls

The mailer below is essential reading. The only way your wishes and the wishes of your fellow Houston voters to be realized is to elect Tony Buzbee as Mayor. He is endorsed by the Houston Firefighters Union and he will honor the citizens' vote giving the firefighters the pay equity they deserve.

So on December 14th finish the job, vote to support the firefighters again by voting for Tony Buzbee for Mayor.

Impeachment And Our Constitutional Scholars
By Brian Ettinger, Contributing Editor

I listen to all these so-called constitutional law expert professors from the best law schools in this country. It makes me think about what a failure our legal system is with this group of constitutional law experts. Fact check, our federal system of government is a republic democracy. The founding fathers set up an executive branch with certain authority to run the federal government, a legislature with two bodies, House and Senate with set authorities to pass laws and have government oversight. Lastly, a judiciary who acts as umpires when a dispute arises and interprets the law based on the Constitution. Their wisdom established a system designed with a separation of powers on these three branches of government which is being ignored. The founding fathers had great wisdom and put checks and balances over each branch of government and if not specifically defined under our federal jurisdiction, it was left to the states as state rights were equally important.

Just because Congress issues a subpoena to seek documents, witness testimony or a warrant from the DOJ does not mean there is no legal recourse by the individual served. They can seek legal recourse from our judiciary for a ruling before being forced to turn over the information or testify. This is the proper recourse and due process given to the individual leaders subject to an impeachment. The Congress keeps bringing up past impeachment hearing like President Nixon's impeachment process brought against him; not for the Watergate break-in but for obstruction of Justice for using federal agencies such as the IRS, FBI, CIA to go after large democratic donors to destroy the two party system. This is why President Nixon resigned. I spoke to President Nixon in 1978 when he did a book tour in Philadelphia and we discussed this issue and he confirmed this issue. He told me I hit it directly and wanted to know how I came up with this assessment. I told him I found out large democratic corporate donors were receiving IRS audits and told to hire an attorney, Maurice Stans, and contribute to certain Republican based organizations and their issues would go away. In the impeachment of President Clinton he did not commit an impeachable offense. Not a high crime, bribery or misdemeanor. Sexual misconduct in the White House and lying about it is not an impeachable offense.

Now, President Trump is going through this impeachment process based on a set of facts that may or may not fit into the definition of impeachment set up under the Constitution. Congress has not identified a clear crime and keeps raising the bar and goes against what all our Founding Fathers put in to make the impeachment process hard to remove the highest executive officerholder. Congress is accusing President Trump of abusing power for his own personal benefit at the expense of national security by withholding military aid and an Oval Office meeting. The problem is the military aid was given, the Oval Office meeting took place and the foreign country did not open an investigation into a political opponent. Congress has abused its power and needs to be held accountable and now need to seek a ruling from the judiciary.

Also, if the President acts outside his executive power in obstructing justice by stopping witnesses to testify, Congress can perform oversight including bringing an impeachment action but needs to do so without jeopardizing the individual's rights to due process whether a public official or private citizen. The separation of powers grants executive power to the President and the judiciary needs to determine if the President abused or acted outside the scope of executive privilege. Congress' action is setting up a bad precedent for future Presidents as now inserting itself over the executive branch in areas not in their authority. They need court approval to proceed down this course since they did not follow the proper impeachment process set out by the Founding Fathers. If a President deserves to be impeached then do it under the proper manner and stop all the showcasing media circus. This is a very serious issue.

Also, the biased media in Washington, DC and these so-called constitutional law professor experts need to review history and how our republic political system was set up and the historical reasons why it was done in this manner including the states rights issues and reasons for the restraints placed on the three branches of our federal system.

Lastly, I leave you with this, if this is the best constitutional law professor experts teaching at our finest law schools, we are in trouble as they have no more knowledge of our Constitution than monkeys in a zoo. These professionals speak theory but have no trial experience so a novel thought for them is to visit a courtroom where real trials take place. If President Trump deserves to be impeached, then Congress needs to find an impeachable crime. If not, move on and do what you were sent to Congress to do; the passage of legislation for the public benefit.

Brian Ettinger is a practicing attorney and contributing editor to TCR. He is a strong conservative who is concerned about America's future.

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