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Volume II Number 10 - August 27, 2003
A Periodic Newsletter for Committed Texas Conservatives

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Road Map Hits Dead End - What To Do Now?

Despite President Bush's best efforts the so-called cease fire is gone (as if it even really existed), with terror a still regular occurrence from Palestinian terrorists.

The latest 20 dead including 6 children by a homicide bomber from Hamas. They say it was to pay back Israel for taking out well-known terrorists. So let's see if we can follow their logic: First, anyone we find in greater Israel - men, women, children or foreigners are targets; second, if Israel engages in self defense by going after the sources of terror the Israelis caused us to kill more innocents; and third, so it's the Israelis' fault. Got that?

And there is more, that in fact speaks volumes of the "Palestinian streets" position: In Hebron, fireworks were burst in celebration of the latest bombing and in an Israel prison, Palestinian militant inmates "applauded" and "passed out candy" upon hearing the news. (Remember these are the type of people Israel is suppose to release as a peace gesture to the Palestinians.) It seems there is no interest in peace at all from the Palestinian side.

The fact is, fighting the war on terror we are fighting is the same war the Israelis are. The goal of this war is to establish an Islamic totalitarian terror state for the Palestinians. The goal of this state is to annihilate the Jewish state of Israel and chase the United States out of the Middle East.

It's time for the gloves to come off - both the U.S. and Israel needs to do what has to be done. There is no negotiating with murderers, they only understand one thing and you know what that is.

For a terrific speech that lays out the situation in the Middle East, see majority leader Tom DeLay's speech (Stand for Israel) on July 30, 2003 in Jerusalem at

One More Time - Redistricting Still Awaits

Well we're about finished with two special sessions on a number of issues including redistricting. The eleven Democratic senators are still "on vacation" in New Mexico. They are still complaining about wasting money on special sessions. They are still filing lawsuits to find any way out of their predicament - which is, they are the minority and will lose any vote. Their answer is to run and hide. It's time for them to come home and get on with the Senate's business. Redistricting is a states prerogative, and the lines drawn must follow judicial precedent, so quit the complaining.

For Republicans, we cannot quit, we cannot blink, and we must insure fair redistricting which will result in a gain of 4-7 seats. This will be good for Texas and good for America.

City of Houston Elections Coming
Look for a TCR Profile and Questionnaire for the Candidates

As a public service, TCR will be surveying the city candidates on key issues of concern to conservative Texans. The survey is to insure that positions on key issues, not labels, define the candidates. We look forward to full participation and the candidates' candid answers.

Texas Eagle Forum Dinner with Schlafly
and Key GOP Legislators Big Hit

Living legend Phyllis Schlafly wowed 300 Texas conservatives in a recent appearance in Houston for the Texas Eagle Forum.

First, congratulations to Cathie Adams and Kathy Haigler who put together an event to salute conservative Texas legislators.

Second, what an interesting message from Mrs. Schlafly in regards to globalization and its effect on jobs of Americans. It's time to protect our jobs from being sent overseas as it leaves our citizens unemployed or underemployed. It may help multinational companies' profits, but will kill over time our consumer based economy and then what?

Third, Texas Eagle Forum is a worthy organization to support - contact them at

Hats Off to Harris County GOP's
Truth Campaign About Democrat Bill White

In a very innovative use of its website, the Harris County Republican Party, helmed by successor Jared Woodfill has started putting the truth out about Bill White, the Liberal, Clinton, Democratic candidate for Mayor of Houston. Not only is it a public service to tell the truth, it also spoils Bill White's attempts to ignore his past services as a National Democrat. Go view the website at or listen to your favorite talk radio station in Houston to hear this important ad.

About Your Editor

Gary Polland is a long time Republican spokesman, fund-raiser and leader who recently completed three terms as the Harris County Republican Chair. During his time as Chairman, Gary was described as the most successful county Chairman in America by Human Events. For six years, Gary put out a bi-weekly newsletter which he has continued due to requests from many Republican activists.

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