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Volume I Number 6 - July 31, 2002

Democrats Prove They'd Trade Your
Prosperity for Their Political Power

It is important to listen carefully to what our Democratic friends say. On July 18, House Democratic leader Dick Gephardt said if they could keep the corporate scandal issue on the political radar screen until November they could pick up forty House seats.

Maybe the Democrats want to explain why they are willing to sacrifice the economy and jobs of working Americans as they bash American business. I'm waiting for so called "moderate" Ron Kirk to show us why he's not just like the out of step leftists who lead the national democratic party.

Did We All Sleep a Year or Are Some of Houston's Major Aspirants Way Ahead of Us?

In the last few weeks a number of potential Mayor 2003 candidates have declared their candidacy. Here's a little advice for them—take a deep breath and put all 2003 politics on hold to let the 2002 candidates have the media attention and opportunity for fund raising. One year plus is plenty of time to run for the Mayor's job. You will do yourselves and the voters a big favor if you do.

From the Field Polling Updates

The recent Richard Murray--Houston Chronicle poll that showed much tighter races than other recent polls had an important difference as Murray's numbers were based on a larger Democratic turnout than we've seen recently. The big question –will there be a larger Democratic turnout in November than in past elections? I hope not.

Republican pollster Public Opinion Strategies, a leading national pollster, recently reported the business scandals in the periphery of most voters concerns are increasing in intensity and are reflected in the new polls – Right Direction - Wrong Direction are now evenly divided 45-42 (A bad sign) when in January 2002 right direction was at 66%! Past history tells us when the right direction number drops below 40%, it does affect a President's job approval rating. A declining rating for President Bush hurts GOP candidates.

The Hotline reports that polls in eight key US Senate races are all within the margin of error: Arkansas, Colorado, New Hampshire and Texas where the Republicans hold the seats and Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and South Dakota held by Democrats. Obviously any slight shift could send all eight races in one direction! Of course in Texas we can only affect one race with our votes and all eight with our money. If you are maxed out to John Cornyn, contact me and I'll direct you to the campaigns in the other seven states where good conservative Republicans need our help. If not, help him!

This Year the Issues Will Ultimately Be Either About the Economy and/or Public Safety

On public safety and terrorism its quite simple, let the President and his key people keep it up—they are doing a masterful job. And yes when the time comes, take care of Saddam.

On the domestic front we need to get back to increasing economic security for all Americans via jobs and by a return of the bull market. So what to do? We need an economic growth program and fortunately President Bush gave us one with his historic 2001 tax cut (1) We need to speed the tax cuts and make it effective immediately to put more money in the pockets of all Americans, (2) next get control of the runaway federal budget (up 15% estimated this year) by limiting budget growth to lets say 5% per year, (3) next expand MSA (medical savings accounts) to help counter inflation in health care costs, and (4) pass common sense appropriate governing rules that don't cripple business.

Cornyn U.S. Senate Update

As for Attorney General Cornyn we had a nice visit at his Vice-President Cheney fundraiser last week. He is a wonderful person and will be a conscientious Senator. He needs your help as a volunteer and to insure the Republican base turns out. Go to and sign up today.

Reason of the Week—Why We Need Cornyn

Ron Kirk (the former presiding officer of Dallas City Council—yes, that's right, Dallas has a city manager!) has taken support from Council for a Livable World, a well-known peacenik group that has favored a disarmed America and is hostile to the war on terror. What did Ron Kirk promise them to get their support? Not much of a "moderate" is he?

A Compelling Message for Retaining Good Republican Judges

History tells us in certain elections a strong top of the ballot can cause lower ballot races to go in one direction –- 1982, 1990, 1994 judicial candidates were significantly affected. What this year's prospects are is uncertain, but we know the Democrats at the top of the ticket will have plenty of money to fuel their base turnout.

As candidates of all stripes battle for the attention of the voting public, it is important to craft the message that helps encourage bases and swing voters to turn out.

For our fair quality Republican judges or judicial candidates there is a message that should be effective. Qualification and experience versus (except for a few exceptions) “D” team lawyers running for the Democrats, including some truly scary candidates.

Remember four years ago, the Harris County Republican Party passed objective judicial candidate standards that significantly exceed what the State of Texas requires. In areas like ethics, experience as trial attorneys in the courts they are seeking, our standards are high. You may recall we invited Sue Schecter and the Democratic party to also raise standards and they declined and now you know why—most of their candidates wouldn't qualify. This is an important issue to run on and inundate the voters with this critical message.

One other thought, since most of the judges do not have an individual persona, Republicans and Democrats ride with their respective tickets. Republicans have a number of judicial superstars, let them be the face for Republican judicial candidates. And one other thing, just a few years ago the Democrats ripped all Republicans because of some imperfect apples, let's pin them with their bad apples. We can't afford not to this year with elections potentially too close for comfort.

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Gary Polland is a long time Republican spokesman, fund raiser, leader who just completed three terms as the Harris County Republican Chair. During his time as Chairman, Gary was described as the most successful county Chairman in America by Human Events. For six years, Gary put out a bi-weekly newsletter which he has continued due to requests from many Republican activists.

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