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Volume I Number 5 - July 8, 2002

A Review of Recent News

Left Coast Judges Strike Down Pledge Another Reason Cornyn Senate Bid Critical

If you ever wondered whether who is in the U.S. Senate makes a difference, this ridiculous decision says it all. A Republican Senate is essential. We will not have the Republican Senate we need, unless John Cornyn wins it's that simple.

The stupid pledge decision is almost funny but what is more ridiculous, is the left wing Democrats falling over themselves to support the pledge when they appointed and voted for the type of judges who made this decision. Nothing will change unless the President can appoint solid conservative judges.

Some Major Corporations Give Our Economic System A Bad Name They Are Not Republicans

The business hall of shame expands as MCI/World-Com joins Xerox, Global Crossing, Enron, and others who engaged in criminal activities. Our Democrat friends want to blame us but these excesses are a direct result of the Clinton decade of greed and moral relativism.

It's quite simple what needs to be done prosecute and jail those responsible and that is what President Bush will do.

In the meantime, it is important to keep in mind that big business does not equate to the Republican Party. Big business supports incumbents regardless of party and has no real political philosophy. The Democrats get more than their share of that money so for them to complain is hypocritical (which is standard operating procedure for them).

Poll Update

Texas GOP Atrophy Shows:

University of Houston's Richard Murray recent poll is the latest evidence of GOP ticket atrophy all the more reason to focus on motivating our base and swing voters with a common sense conservative agenda for Texas.

Here are the latest numbers (+ or - 3.5%):

  • Cornyn 28%
  • Kirk 38%
  • Perry 46%
  • Sanchez 32%
  • Dewhurst 31%
  • Sharp 29%

Also, Governor Perry's approval rating has declined to 51% so Sanchez's full time negative campaigning is taking its toll on the Governor.

Voucher Victory It's Time for a Pilot Program in Texas

The U.S. Supreme Court got it right in approving vouchers in Cleveland. It time to push the idea all over the country as the President is now doing.

With a record like our own HISD's a graduation rate of 52% overall and a ten year increase in the tax rate (not the inflated property values) of 52% and in ten years an increase in operating costs of 72% while average daily attendance only increased 7%,-- something is seriously out of kilter.

Why not set up a pilot voucher program initially for underperforming students and see if overall results improve? Remember, we should be concerned with educating the children, not satisfying the teachers' union.

As for areas of Texas where there is no real choice, we need to ensure they have the resources to do the job in a most effective and efficient manner.

A National Issue Review Where the GOP Leads and Trails Today

  • 1. Better Dealing with Social Security:
    Republicans 33% - Democrats 43%

  • 2. Better Dealing with Budget Deficit:
    Republicans 40% - Democrats 36%

  • 3. Better Dealing with Prescription Drugs:
    Republicans 29% - Democrats 45%

  • 4. Better Dealing with the Environment:
    Republicans 28% - Democrats 49%

  • 5. Better Dealing with Terrorism:
    Republicans 51% - Democrats 19%

  • 6. Better Dealing with Taxes:
    Republicans 43% - Democrats 36%

  • 7. Better Dealing with Education:
    Republicans 35% - Democrats 41%

This Gallup Poll from May 28-29 makes clear that if during the 2002 elections the focus is on the deficit, terrorism, and taxes, we win; if it is on social security, prescription drugs, or the environment, we are in trouble. The poll also points out the fragility of the GOP support. It is critical we Republicans continue to show successful leadership on the budget deficit, taxes, and the war on terrorism. A slip on any of our issues could have significant implications for November's election.

An Early Look at the Mayor's Race 2003

On November 6, 2002, the City of Houston Mayor's Race begins. At this point, big league business leaders like Ned Holmes and Ken Lay are out, and key players are starting to coalesce around Orlando Sanchez and Sylvester Turner.

There are two big questions for this observer: (1) Can Orlando Sanchez keep together the broad based coalition that almost elected him in 2001? and (2) Can Sylvester Turner keep together the African-American vote or will it split with another candidate?

The 2001 Orlando Sanchez vision of focusing on transportation, infrastructure, and public safety will continue to be the issues most Houstonians are focused on. Republicans need not look elsewhere. Orlando Sanchez has the common sense vision and will finish what he started. The Orlando Sanchez Coalition remains intact.

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Gary Polland is a long time Republican spokesman, fund raiser, leader who just completed three terms as the Harris County Republican Chair. During his time as Chairman, Gary was described as the most successful county Chairman in America by Human Events. For six years, Gary put out a bi-weekly newsletter which he has continued due to requests from many Republican activists.

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