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Volume VIII Number 19 - December 7, 2009     RSS Feed
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TCR City Runoff Election Edition Editorial

TCR 2009 City Of Houston Elections Questionnaire

2010 Primary Election Coverage

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TCR City Runoff Election Edition Editorial

TCR's City of Houston Election Edition Voter's Guide was widely used by conservative voters in November. Now it's time for the runoff. Others are mailing to conservative voters with misleading information about some candidates. TCR will tell it like it is based on our ten questions related to fiscal conservatism and public safety.

To review, TCR, in consultation with key conservatives, has devised ten yes or no questions (see list of questions below) for the candidates. Some candidates chose to answer in narrative form rather than yes or no. Where this occurred, your Editor analyzed the response and extracted a yes or no response. TCR awarded a letter grade based on the number of correct answers, "A" being the best and "F" being the worse, just like your school grades. Here on the website, we will have links to the documents that contain everything we received from the candidates. Where appropriate in downballot races, TCR has endorsed and it is our policy to tell you why. There will be no Mayor endorsement due to your Editor's involvement with PBS Channel 8's Red White & Blue and PBS policy.


Annise Parker, Grade B. Annise Parker scores at the top on fiscal issues. Clearly her answers indicate she is a fiscal conservative. She is a former executive at Mosbacher Energy and has been involved in City government for 12 years. She is a skeptic when it comes to more sports stadiums at City expense and is running on her ability to control spending and run an efficient City Hall.

Gene Locke, Grade D. Locke is an attorney, government lobbyist and former Houston City Attorney. Over the years, his politics have moderated from where he started in college. He has been a key player on the deals involving the now financially troubled Harris County Sports Authority. He has gotten some support from social conservatives, although TCR detects NO daylight on social issues between Locke and Parker whatsoever.

City Council District A

Brenda Stardig (endorsed by TCR), Grade A. Stardig has been serving the community of District A for years. She is the right choice, the only fiscal conservative in the race.

Lane Lewis, Grade F. Lewis never met a spending program he didn't love and we don't need him on Council.

City Council District F

Al Hoang (endorsed by TCR), Grade A. Hoang is a longtime activist in the Vietnamese community and a businessman who understands a budget. He is the clear choice in this race for conservatives.

Mike Laster, Grade F. Perennial Democratic candidate and he wants to be a big spender of our tax money.

City Council at Large Pos. 1

Karen Derr, Grade F. She considers spending and taxes unimportant as it didn't make her top ten of issues on the website. Enough said, TCR says no to Derr.

Stephen Costello (endorsed by TCR), Grade B. The choice here is clear. Costello, an engineer, has come on like gangbusters and is a future star on Council. A strong fiscal conservative, he also brings experience and skills the Council needs.

City Council at Large Pos. 2

Sue Lovell, Grade F. Big time Democratic big spender, Lovell's done enough damage for four years. Say goodbye.

Andrew C. Burks Jr. (endorsed by TCR), Grade A. The pick here is Andrew Burks. Burks is a minister and businessman who got a top score as a fiscal conservative.

City Council at Large Pos. 5

Jack Christie (endorsed by TCR), Grade A. How lucky are Houston voters? Dr. Christie, has a proven record of getting things done and wants to serve again. A big spending opponent and tax cutter. TCR says, give him a chance, he will make us proud.

Jolanda Jones, Grade F. She's part of the problem at City Hall, Jones says she cares about the people, but she doesn't care much about the taxpayers, who are people too.

City Controller

M.J. Khan (endorsed by TCR), Grade A. TCR has known M.J. for twenty years and he can be trusted. A long time successful businessman with significant community involvement. He has been a leader in the fiscal conservative bloc on City Council and a person involved in uniting the different communities in Houston. He will be a true fiscal watchdog for the city.

Ronald Green, Grade F. Green is an attorney with very limited business experience. He did not bother to respond to the TCR questionnaire and it is obvious Green isn't seeking conservative support. Besides, do we want a Controller who has issues with the Internal Revenue Service?

TCR 2009 City Of Houston Elections Questionnaire

  1. Do you support capping residential property tax appraisals at a maximum 5% increase per year?

  2. Do you support a requirement that the city not raise taxes without a supermajority of at least 60% of city council?

  3. Do you support a spending cap limiting the increase in city spending to the rate of growth of population plus inflation?

  4. Do you support establishing a "Grace" type commission to identify ways for the city to eliminate fraud, waste, abuse, incompetence and suggested operating efficiencies?

  5. Do you support the consolidation of city functions with Harris County where it is practical?

  6. Do you support ending race and gender based affirmative action programs to be replaced by a needs based system?

  7. Do you support the right of City Council members to add items to the City Council Agenda if approved by a majority of members?

  8. Do you believe that government should take private property from individuals or corporations for the "good of the community" without paying fair compensation?

  9. Do you support the granting of public tax funds for private or semi-private economic development in areas that are not economically disadvantaged?

  10. Do you support expansion or reorganizing the police department so that officers patrol with a partner, at least during night hours?
TCR 2009 City Of Houston Elections Questionnaire
Question Numbers
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Grade

 Click on candidate names to view questionnaire which may   contain extended remarks and comments.

Annise Parker Y Y Y Y Y N N N N Y B
Gene Locke N ½ N Y Y N N N Y Y D
Brenda Stardig Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N Y A
Lane Lewis
Did Not Respond
Mike Laster
Did Not Respond
Al Hoang Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N Y A
Karen Derr
Did Not Respond
Stephen C. Costello Y Y Y Y Y N Y N Y N B
Sue Lovell
Did Not Respond
Andrew C Burks Jr Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N Y A
Jack Christie Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N Y A
Jolanda 'Jo' Jones
Did Not Respond
M.J. Khan Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N Y A
Ronald Green
Did Not Respond

2010 Primary Election Coverage

Filing is now underway for the March 2, 2010 Primary Elections and continues through January 4, 2010. TCR will not be making any formal endorsements before filing has been completed. We will be providing frequent editions of TCR with extensive coverage of the Primary matchups, so stay tuned.

TCR on the Air

Red, White & Blue, featuring TCR Editor Gary Polland and liberal commentator David Jones on Houston PBS Channel 8 will be off the air for the PBS Pledge Drive and will return on Dec. 18th. Coming soon: Richard Murray and Bob Stein to preview the 2010 elections. As a new fun feature, visit Red, White & Blue on the Houston PBS website, where you can see after-show commentary about the show and its guests by Gary and David.

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Gary Polland is a long-time conservative and Republican spokesman, fund-raiser, and leader who completed three terms as the Harris County Republican Chairman. During his three terms, Gary was described as the most successful county Chairman in America by Human Events - The National Conservative Weekly. He is in his twelfth year of editing a newsletter dealing with key conservative and Republican issues. The last seven years he has edited Texas Conservative Review. Gary is a practicing attorney and strategic consultant. He can be reached at (713) 621-6335.

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