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Volume III Number 5 - April 5, 2004
A Periodic Newsletter for Committed Texas Conservatives

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April 13th Runoff - Why is it Important?

TCR Suggests a Few Good Men & Women to Support

Terrorist Plan - Elect Kerry in 2004

Why the Democrats are Wrong about Outsourcing and U.S. Employment

RIP - Sheikh Yassin, Hamas Founder

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April 13th Runoff - Why is it Important?

With only a handful of key races on April 13, why is it so important to vote? Quite simply, your votes will decide whether we elect committed conservatives or new members of the get-along gang (for both parties).

The miserable turnout on March 9 of under 9% needs to be much better. For the run-off, encourage your like-minded friends and neighbors to join you at the polls and vote for candidates with the right stuff.

TCR Suggests a Few Good Men
and Women to Support

Texas Railroad Commissioner - Victor Carrillo barely won without a run-off - the Governor's appointee who is doing a good job and he is running against someone whose done zip for the GOP - a no brainer.

Congress District 10 - Ben Streusand

TCR has been closely observing the race for the 10th CD and for a change, the grassroots have a conservative candidate (Ben Streusand) who has the resources to fight tooth and nail with the insiders.

Now as typically happens, Mike McCaul and the insiders are trying to confuse the grassroots with mud flinging attacks, but you the voters are smarter than they give you credit for.

For TCR, Mike McCaul forfeited any claim to be a conservative when for six years he aided and abetted Bill Clinton and Janet Reno (and that is the truth, not negative campaigning). And yes, TCR has heard McCaul's long-winded defense of this and it doesn't make any sense. The fact is McCaul could have resigned over the Clinton/Reno massive assault on our core conservative values and principles but he did not (don't ask don't tell, the largest tax increases in history, Waco cover up, and the Chinese money laundering cover up). That tells you all you need to know about McCaul.

Recent revelations from former co-workers in the Clinton administration confirm what TCR already knew - Mike McCaul was a comfortable Clinton Democrat and that's why he never left the Clinton/Reno administration. Ask yourself, as a conservative would you have stayed? Of course not. So we have the fact he later worked for John Cornyn matters not. The voters in the 10th District are too smart to buy the "fiction" McCaul's campaign team is selling. If he is conservative today it's a recent transformation.

There is only one GOP stalwart, Ben Streusand. Ben has been active in our party and supportive of GOP causes and candidates to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. McCaul's donation history to the GOP is a meager $2,000 in 2000 and it's not because he was only making a government salary. McCaul lives in a 3 million dollar house in Austin, so obviously he gave what he wanted to and could have afforded a lot more. He simply chose not to help.

So we have a self-made businessman (Ben Streusand) versus a government lawyer (Mike McCaul). Ben Streusand is a strong supporter of GOP causes and candidates, has the support of almost every key grassroots leader (starting with close 3rd place finisher Judge John Devine), while Mike McCaul is backed by the Washington political establishment.

This time the grassroots can win - Ben Streusand is TCR's choice and should be your choice too in CD 10. When Ben wins, we all win.

Congress District 17 - Arlene Wohlgemuth

She is a Club for Growth and conservative star. She has never been afraid to put principles above the political gamesmanship. She is exactly what conservatives need in Washington.

Terrorist Plan - Elect Kerry in 2004

That's right, the American people in a recent McKenna Polling and Research poll shows 60% of Americans believe "the terrorists would prefer Kerry to win."

Why? Maybe because Kerry is a renowned flip - flopper. What does he really believe in? Which way will he go if he is president and another terror attack occurs? What will he do? - it's anyone's guess.

It's clear based on what happened in Spain - Al Qaeda's goal is to beat every leader involved in the war on terror it can. So yes, they are after Blair (England), Berlusconi (Italy), Howard (Australia) and Bush and have predicted their downfall. Of course, it won't happen if the voters are courageous and not weak appeasers. Peace through strength was true in the cold war and it's still true today.

At the end of the day, this election should first and foremost be about who we can trust to handle national security and there is no choice - we must keep President Bush working for all of us.

Why the Democrats are Wrong
about Outsourcing and U.S. Employment

As many regular TCR readers know, we are concerned about losing jobs overseas. This occurrence is a problem - but if and only if, we don't have coming in other quality jobs that replace those lost.

So how are we doing? Last week's Weekly Standard Magazine addressed this in an important article by Stuart Anderson and Cesar Gonda. They report that the Commerce Department and Wall Street Journal show "outsourcing is a net creator of jobs for Americans." Foreigners outsource far more office work to the U.S. than we send abroad.

Of course, the Democrats and Kerry have been relentless in their blaming of Bush for what they describe as a problem. Of course this is not the first time Cassandras told us jobs will be gone forever and our living standards will sink. (See 3/29/04 Forbes Magazine)

It was machinery in 1932 that was the threat to jobs, it was robots in 1960, and NAFTA in 1992 and in each instance our employment numbers went up, the unemployment rate headed down and living standards up. The current outsourcing flap will hopefully be the same if we work hard.

Of course, when confronted with what is your idea for a solution - John Kerry says, "well, we don't have the right constitutionally to stop a company from going overseas if it wants to."

Of course, Kerry doesn't tell us how his alienation of trade partners is good, but Bush's fight terror coalition of the willing is bad.

So lets see the Democrats demagogue "outsourcing", they have their facts mixed up and ignore that outsourcing works both ways and that U.S. unemployment is lower than many of our trade partners, and new trade barriers will result in our trading partners doing a back to us (remember steel quotas).

We need to work hard to encourage more quality private sector jobs, but Kerry and the Democrats have no answers, just attacks. Did you expect more?


Sheikh Yassin, Hamas founder and leader (terrorist). A day to rejoice as a leader in the culture of death gets his. This editorial from the Providence (Rhode Island Journal) says it all, "Sheikh Yassin's expressed mission was to destroy Israel and replace it with a fascist Islamic state - a paradise for those who enjoy stoning people for adultery, where women are discouraged from reading or writing, where there are few political or social liberties, and where the media are largely a propaganda machine, rife with exhortations to kill the Jews. Welcome to the Dark Ages. When one side's aim is the destruction of an entire state and the other side has the effrontery to try to defend itself, mayhem is inevitable, but appeasement makes matters worse. "TCR comment -Osama Bin Laden, your day is coming".

About Your Editor

Gary Polland is a long time Republican spokesman, fund-raiser and leader who recently completed three terms as the Harris County Republican Chair. During his time as Chairman, Gary was described as the most successful county Chairman in America by Human Events. For six years, Gary put out a bi-weekly newsletter which he has continued due to requests from many Republican activists.

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