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Volume II Number 6 - May 1, 2003
A Periodic Newsletter for Committed Texas Conservatives

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David Dewhurst Steps Out
with Bold School Finance Plan

Give Lt. Governor Dewhurst credit, he is certainly not shying away from tough issues. While many whispered he was an executive and not a legislative leader, they've already been proven incorrect.

Most recently, David Dewhurst came out with a bold and innovative plan to give significant property tax relief to home owners by lowering the cap from $1.50 per hundred dollars of valuation to 75 cents on school taxes. In exchange, the sales tax will be expanded to many service industries and into areas previously exempt, with a possibility of a small increase. It also eliminates the Robin Hood concept of school finance. Dewhurst deserves credit for showing strong leadership and a vision for reform. Conservatives have been dominating the battle of ideas for a long time and innovative solutions to the problems facing Texas are needed.

Is this the conservative answer to the ending of Robin Hood? Maybe. Hopefully there is sufficient time for the Legislative and conservative think tanks to weigh in. If we can solve it this year, why not?

Congratulations David Dewhurst, you make us proud.

Bush Economic Plan Imperiled by
a Few Weak Kneed Republicans

A few weak kneed GOP Senators, specifically Olympia Snowe and George Voinovich, have cut the Bush Economic tax cut off at the knees. They "say" they're concerned about the deficit, when in fact they just want to spend more of our money.

The Bush tax rate cut acceleration must go forward to provide the economy the kick it needs. Just dribbling rate cuts in doesn't do it. As for a dividend rate cut plan- it's an idea whose time has come. It can be phased in, as long as the entire elimination is put solidly into law.

The Presidents plan should go forward on an up or down vote, so if it fails we can blame the Democrats. As for negotiating with ourselves before Democrats get their fingers in the pie, that is a self-defeating exercise where we are in trouble from the outset. Those weak Republican Senators need to get on board the President's plan. Partial measures won't cut it, our economic future and the 2004 election are at stake.

Conservatives On The Issues
A Review Of The CPAC Poll

If you are wondering what the state of the conservative movement in the U.S. is, you only need to review the Conservative Political Action Conference poll recently conducted. (

First, what are the top issues facing the U.S. in order of importance: (1) fighting terrorism, (2) insuring Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction and remove Hussein from power, (3) reduce wasteful federal spending, (4) prohibiting abortion and (5) cutting taxes.

Next, who do you think is doing the best job of speaking for conservatives in the U.S.: (1) Donald Rumsfeld, (2) John Ashcroft, and (3) Colin Powell.

Next, what issues best defines the GOP today- (1) national defense, (2) tax cuts, (3) pro family, and (4) fiscal discipline.

Next, on what tax policy should the Bush Administration first pursue: (1) simplify the tax code and reduce brackets (even as our taxes are more complicated than ever) (2) eliminate the death tax, and (3) eliminate double taxation on dividends. Finally, two interesting results: one shows 89.4% disapprove amnesty to illegal immigrants in the U.S. and 70.32% are Conservatives first and Republicans second (so the GOP must never abandon their conservative base).

Roadmap To Nowhere If
Bush Principles of June 24 Ignored

While the appointment of Abu Mazen could be a step forward as Prime Minister for the Palestinian Authority, many issues remain.

The quartet of the E.U., U.S., the U.N. and Russia contains only one who can be considered realistic and even handed - the U.S. It contains three entities, for the most part hostile to Gulf War II. Given these two facts, there is only one nation that should matter- America.

Peace in the Middle East is a noble goal, but unless accompanied by the end of terrorism, incitement, and growth of real democratic and pro-peace institutions it won't happen.

Palestinian promises without results should mean no concessions by Israel. Otherwise it is the failed process of Oslo.

President Bush in his seminal June 24th speech, set forth a vision for peace based on the transformation of the P.A. and the ouster of Arafat, as well as the items detailed therein. He gets it beyond that, an impressive coalition of evangelical Christians and Jewish activists has come together- politically they are too large and too active to ignore. For more information go to these web sites: or

Senator Santorum's Demonization
For Me it's Deja-Vu All Over Again

I've watched the outlandish attacks on Rick Santorum for his recent comments on the Houston sodomy case before the Supreme Court with personal interest.

Just a few years ago I was where Rick is now, in the middle of a left-wing orchestrated attack because my views that using the Texas Equal Rights Amendment to strike down our sodomy law would mean the ultimate legalization of gay marriage.

Free speech in America is free only if you hold the leftist "PC" views, otherwise you get demonized. In fact, the incident is a commentary on the state of political debate in America. The left and its media allies are interested in eliminating debate, calling anyone who disagrees with them a bigot. What happened to tolerance for Senator Santorum?

Rick Santorum is not alone in suffering for his mainstream views. Just a few examples: Secretary of Education Rod Paige was asked to resign by liberal Democrats because he supports religious schools, Attorney General John Ashcroft has been attacked because he holds voluntary Bible study in his office and a number of judicial nominees who hold religious views in favor of life are being filibustered by leftist Senators.

As conservative leader Gary Bauer says:

"Either we will continue to base our laws on the broad Judeo-Christian values of our founders or we will go further down the road of defining America as simply a place built on the concept of, "If it feels good do it."

Till next issue keep up the fight.

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Gary Polland is a long time Republican spokesman, fund-raiser and leader who recently completed three terms as the Harris County Republican Chair. During his time as Chairman, Gary was described as the most successful county Chairman in America by Human Events. For six years, Gary put out a bi-weekly newsletter which he has continued due to requests from many Republican activists.

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