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Volume XXI Number 4 - February 11, 2022     RSS Feed   

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The Harris County Democratic Pro-Crime Commissioners' Failures On Public Safety Part Two

Reverend Eugene "Gene" Pack RIP

Barineau Camp Throws Stones At Outgoing Rep Jim Murphy

Early Voting Kicks Off Monday

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The Harris County Democratic Pro-Crime
Commissioners' Failures On Public Safety Part Two

Have you seen the new Harris County budget? After giving lip service for increasing public safety and fighting runaway crime, the three Democratic pro-crime Commissioners Lina Hidalgo, Rodney Ellis and Adrian Garcia, the adopted SFY 22 budget tells a different story.

If you look at their adopted budget you will see the truth staring you in the face. The Constables who suffered a patrol cut of $20 million earlier in the year get an average 1.5% increase, which is due to an increase in employee benefits costs only with no real addition for crime fighting. With inflation officially over 7% and the more reliable Shadow Stats says over 15% you can see how we are losing ground. And there is more, the DA’s office asked for 100 new attorneys due to an incredibly high case load and got only ten. The public defender with a case load of around one hundred, an increase of over $14 million! Other law enforcement efforts are starved for resources.

While non-core spending continues to divert funds needed for public safety and infrastructure for such things as paying for out of state abortions, paying for attorneys for illegals in the country, adding unnecessary bureaucratic positions starting non-core programs like Pre-K (a job for parents or our schools).

The three (Hidalgo, Ellis and Garcia) complain about the tax rate not being raised while ignoring property tax bills going up automatically as appraisals increase. The county is getting more money yearly and promptly wastes it on unneeded social programs. The only way to stop this is to replace both Hidalgo and Garcia on the ballot, first in March and maybe November. That is how we save Harris County from the woke left.

Reverend Eugene "Gene" Pack RIP

October 22, 1951 - January 28, 2022

It is with profound sadness that we report that longtime Republican activist Gene Pack passed away on January 28, 2022, due to complications related to the COVID virus. Gene was a former Republican Precinct Chairman, Senatorial District Chairman, and delegate to numerous Republican State Conventions. This year, Gene was still working on behalf of Republicans as a member of the Harris County Republican Party Engagement Committee. Gene served our country as a veteran of the Vietnam War. Gene was Executive Pastor of Houston Praise and Worship Center. Our thoughts and prayers are with Gene's wife, Juluette Bartlett Pack, and the entire Pack family. Memorial services are as follows: The visitation will be held on Saturday, February 12, 2022, at 10:00 AM with the funeral service beginning at 11:00 AM. Both services will be held at Majestic Christian Center, 3512 McLean Rd., Pearland, Texas 77584, Bishop Frank A. Rush, officiating. The interment will be held on Monday, February 14, 2022, at 10:30 AM at Houston National Cemetery. Anyone wishing to provide comfort to the Pack family during this difficult time may visit to donate or to sign up to provide a meal.

Barineau Camp Throws Stones
At Outgoing Rep Jim Murphy

When a candidate is attempting to succeed an outgoing and beloved figure in a political campaign, they usually refrain from throwing stones at said beloved figure. It is kind of an unwritten rule. At the very least good form. And certainly, common sense. But one candidate in the House District seems to be taking a different approach. Then again, Barineau is, well, different. At a recent candidate forum, Barineau screamed out that she was "The Big Bad Mama Bear!" It was a proclamation and delivery that caused heads to turn. Definitely...different. But we digress...

In an email dated February 2, one member of the Barineau camp took shots at outgoing State Representative Jim Murphy questioning his conservative voting record. The email's author continued by saying that he had decided to back Barineau by eliminating any candidate who would "...carry on in the great tradition and record of our current Representative [Jim Murphy]." So Barineau is the opposite of Jim Murphy? OK, that's one way to go.

The email went on to attack two of the other candidates in the race with lies and distortions before issuing an invitation to a campaign event (presumably the actual purpose of the email) to meet Big Bad Mama Bear herself. It was all very official, bearing Barineau's logo, name, likeness, campaign email address for the RSVP and even campaign legalese, "Political Ad Paid for by Shelly Barineau Campaign" all of which makes it hard for the campaign to walk back.

It is also interesting to note the timing of the email...February 2, just four days prior to the birthday of President Ronald Reagan, who famously coined the 11th Commandment, which states, "Thou shalt speak no ill of a fellow Republican." Well, so much for that commandment.

And how "bad" is Representative Jim Murphy? In the past session of the Texas Legislature, Murphy was sponsor to many pieces of conservative legislation including: HB25 to keep boys from competing in girls' sports; SB1 tax relief; SJR2 to increase the Homestead Exemption, lowering property taxes; HB168 the Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act; HB141 criminal justice reform, increasing prosecution and punishment; SB6 bail reform; SB1 Election Integrity and so much more.

And these are the issues that Barineau seeks to distance herself from…criminal justice reform, election integrity, lowering property taxes, keeping boys out of girls' sports? At least now we know where she stands.

As far as Murphy is concerned, his legislative work has been recognized with awards from the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas, Texas Right to Life, Texas Conservative Coalition, Texas Association of Manufacturers, National Federation of Independent Business, Texas Charter School Association, and Texas Association of Business. He has been named "Legislator of the Year" numerous times by numerous organizations.

Jim Murphy is a longtime friend of conservatives and his constituents in House District 133. With credentials like his TCR takes enormous pride in standing with State Rep. Jim Murphy. And someone who is the most unlike Jim Murphy? Well, that's just different...but not in a way that's good for the constituents of HD133.

Early Voting Kicks Off Monday

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Gary Polland is a long-time conservative and Republican spokesman, fund-raiser, and leader who completed three terms as the Harris County Republican Chairman. During his three terms, Gary was described as the most successful county Chairman in America by Human Events - The National Conservative Weekly. He is in his twenty-sixth year of editing a newsletter dealing with key conservative and Republican issues. The last twenty-one years he has edited Texas Conservative Review. As a public service for the last 18 years, Gary has published election guides for the GOP primary, general elections and city elections, all with the purpose of assisting conservative candidates. Gary is also in his 21st year of co-hosting Red, White and Blue on Houston Public Media TV 8 PBS Houston, longest running political talk show in Texas history. Gary serves on the Board of Directors of American Values, a national pro-family, pro-faith, conservative organization supporting the unity of the American people around the vision of our founding fathers and dedicated to reminding the public of the conservative principles fundamental to the survival of our nation. Gary is a practicing attorney and strategic consultant. He can be reached at (713) 621-6335.

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