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Save Harris County (Houston) Now

The Continuing Crisis Brought To You By Biden-Harris

Harvard Student Newspaper Backs BDS Boycott Of Israel

Michael Ramirez' Cartoon Of The Fortnight

The Coming Campaign Deception By Bruce Bialosky, Contributing Editor

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Download TCR 2022 Harris County Primary Runoff Voters Guide PDF

Save Harris County (Houston) Now

The 2022 primary runoffs occur on May 24, 2022. Please vote to save Harris County. Accidental County Judge Lina Hidalgo and Commissioner Adrian Garcia need to lose in November to save us. Please vote.

The incredible misallocation of resources and waste of taxpayer money must stop. With crisis like runaway crime, deteriorating infrastructure, and the wasting of our hurricane-rainy day fund, things are bad and could get worse!

Things are so bad, Lina and Adrian, along with their co-conspirator Rodney Ellis, have [squeezed] law enforcement and they are misrepresenting a laudable youth program as crime fighting.

This year, we can only retire Lina and Adrian. Failure to do so will allow them to destroy county government as we know it - fraud and waste is the word to describe their reign. Wayne County (Detroit), here we come!

The Continuing Crisis Brought To You By Biden-Harris

The recent weeks have brought more bad news in our continuing crisis.

Letís review some highlights:

  1. Record gas and diesel prices at the pump and in reaction, Biden-Harris canceled lease sales to the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

  2. Now the latest shortage, baby formula. We discovered that the government has stockpiled it to serve the illegal border invasion coming with the canceling of Title 42. It's no longer a border crisis, it's border chaos.

  3. We discovered that the Biden administration lied to us again this time about those "safe smoking kits" distributed at your expense to drug addicts. They did have crack pipes.

  4. Joe Biden last week said the MAGA movement is "the most extreme political organization that's existed in America's history." Not the KKK, not the Nation of Islam, not the Weathermen, not Antifa. Instead it is the 49% of Americans who voted for Donald Trump.

  5. Senate Democrats except for Joe Manchin, supported the radical abortion until birth bill. The left's pro-abortion extremism is both stunning and sad. Note there is no discussion of President Clinton's view that abortion needs to be safe and rare. The radical Democrats, 49 of them, support repealing every state law on abortions. The potential Supreme Court decision leaves the decision to the fifty states, which is the essence of democracy.

  6. Inflation rages - Biden says it is 8.3%, the more authoritative Shadow Statistics says it is over 15%. Ask yourself, for things you buy weekly, most are up more than 8.3%.

  7. The Biden administration finally decided to extend protection to the Supreme Court Justices who were being harassed in their homes by radical mobs. Why did it take so long?

  8. 32 Democratic senators opposed a resolution opposing any new Iran deal that doesn't address Iran's support for terrorism and its ballistic missile program which threatens the U.S. They also incredibly oppose keeping the Iran Revolutionary Guard on our terrorism lists. You can call those 32 (out of 49 Democrats) the Senate Appeasement Caucus.

Harvard Student Newspaper
Backs BDS Boycott Of Israel

We thought BDS was illegal in the U.S., but Harvard's Crimson, the student paper, ignores history and like Nazi Germany, blame the Jews.

Ruth Wisse, professor emerita at Harvard describes this outrage and gives us a little history lesson:

"As for the Crimson editorial, Arab claims of victimhood at the hands of the Jews is the most daring political inversion since Wilhelm Marr preached anti-Semitism to prevent Jews from 'conquering Germany from within.' The 21 Arab countries occupy 640 times more land than Israel. The Arab League, not the Jews, refused to partition Palestine in 1947, the better to ensure their refugees were a permanent casus belli. The Crimson's editors can't plead stupidity as an excuse for their calumnies-unless they claim they were admitted through preferential treatment for underachievers."

"I was privileged to teach at Harvard for 21 years, and the gratitude I feel is in no way diminished by my dismay at seeing this great university succumb to ideas that, if left unchallenged, may yet bring down the republic. This country was founded not on slavery but on ideas of human worth, and Harvard was entrusted with their protection. May it yet surprise us by recovering its moral compass."

Michael Ramirez' Cartoon Of The Fortnight

The Coming Campaign Deception
By Bruce Bialosky, Contributing Editor

I gravely dislike our constant campaign mode democracy. As soon as we finish a presidential election talk begins about the opposition party's candidate four years' hence. As soon as a member of Congress gets installed, they start raising money for the next election cycle. Incumbent senators squirrel away millions significantly in advance of their six-year term ending. Often this leads to deceptions. This 2022 campaign is unique in that it will be filled with deceptions that have been made public and intentional.

Every campaign has its deceptions. The last presidential election was chock full of them. Opponents of Donald Trump believe nothing he says. On the other hand, the prime deception in 2020 centered around the Hunter Biden laptop. Fifty-one "intelligence community experts" were touted by Joe Biden to state that the evidence was "Russian disinformation." Sixteen months later the New York Times fessed up that its fellow New York paper - The Post - was accurate in reporting the Hunter Biden story that likely would have turned the election.

This round of elections is distinct. After 15 months of the Biden presidency his poll numbers are in the toilet. The issues of inflation, crime, homelessness and more have the Democrats on their heels, attempting to figure out how they survive a projected bloodbath. Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) chair, did what politicos do today - commission a poll. The poll told him some fascinating facts about his party and determined his strategy for the November elections - a political lifetime from now.

The research found that Democrats are "preachy, judgmental and focused on culture wars." Nothing of that is shocking except for them being judgmental. It used to be the hippie set of the Left believed in "live and let live." The new Left wants to tell you what to believe and when to believe it. We all know what happens when they do not agree with you. They do not just disagree; they want to dismember you or at minimum they want to suppress what you say and don't want to hear your thoughts.

The poll also found that the political arguments by the opposition focused on public safety (crime), critical race theory and the related issue of parental rights in the educational system are as the pollsters characterized "alarmingly potent."

Maloney wants to go on the offensive which makes political sense. He wants them to argue for support of the police, against open borders and/or amnesty and focus on issues of border safety. This is where the deception comes into play.

The Democrats can mouth all these policies like they are in support of police, but no one is going to believe them. Already 80% of self-identified swing voters in competitive districts believe Democrats want to defund the police. There is only one way to reverse that perception and it is not campaign ads where a Congressional candidate is shaking hands with a cop. It is for them to not only sponsor legislation to reverse their naÔve post-George Floyd actions, but to get the legislation passed.

Another action is to come out in favor of recalling these criminal DAs who refuse to enforce the laws they were elected to administer. The problem is that none of this is going to happen because the Democrats believe in the policies that the voters gravely dislike.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that "My purpose right now is to just win the midterm elections. Nothing less is at stake than our democracy." Pelosi added "Our party is unified in its empathy for America's working families." These are the kind of platitudes that will resonate with the American people in an unintended manner. They confirm that the Democrats are clueless about the real issues facing their constituents and that their leader and their team is out of touch with middle America. Additionally, if the Congressional Democrats are voted out in November and the Republicans are put in charge, Ms. Pelosi stated that democratic act is a threat to our democracy. That is an interesting take from the third most powerful person in our country.

Another thing Mr. Maloney will argue is that the Democrats nominate people who believe in the police and lawfully enforced borders against a flood of illegal aliens. The problem is that they will be such a minority in the Democrat Congressional caucus that they will be rolled once again to support policies that contradict those beliefs. We have seen this movie before where the so-called moderate Democrats end up as cannon fodder for the party leaders.

My suggestion is to evaluate which party believes in enforcing criminal laws, controlling our Southern border, supporting legal immigration, insuring parents have a right to know what is being taught to their children in public schools or better yet, they should be able to choose going to another school. Then vote for those candidates.

Please do not fall for Mr. Maloney's planned campaign misrepresentations. You will end up with the same mess we currently have.

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee. You can follow Bruce on Twitter @brucebialosky.

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