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Volume I Number 4 - June 28, 2002

Emerging Themes For 2002 GOP Ticket
Ideas That Demonstrate A Common Sense
Conservative Vision

First, I want to thank the many of you who sent in their ideas for jump starting the enthusiasm for our 2002 ticket.

Second, it remains clear that the 2002 election will be won by the party that motivates and turns out its base and who wins a majority of the swing voters.

For the GOP to be successful, I believe we must have a handful of themes that demonstrate our common sense conservative vision for Texas. This vision should be shared by our key state-wide candidates and explained over and over to our base and the Texas swing voter. This is true regardless of what the polls show – be they good or bad. It is critical we give a reason for our voters to make the effort to vote. We do this by showing them how Republicans will make a difference.

So what are the possible themes and ideas?

(1) Spending and Taxes

Republicans, if given the majority in both houses of the legislature and the key state-wide offices, will “right size” spending. We will create and fund the priorities creating a result-oriented system. Our priorities will be – Education, Transportation, and Public Safety. We oppose all federal mandates on the out-of-control health care system. We will switch to a system of vouchers and medical savings account so we can empower the beneficiaries of medical care, not the bureaucracies that run it. Republicans will also look to lower the crushing burden of runaway local property taxes on all Texans. The state’s big problem is too much spending – not sufficient levels of taxation.

(2) Transportation

As Republicans, we will need to seek our fair share of federal funds and equitably allocate state funds by the needs and population by regions to ensure more road related taxes get spent on transportation, where it is needed. We will change the 19th century method of construction and accelerate key projects with incentives for early completion and by using three shifts a day to minimize the inconvenience to our citizens.

(3) Advance Life

Republicans will initiate and pass legislation advancing life. Among the possible legislation, a partial birth abortion ban act, a born alive infants protection act, and other advances that are generally supported by most Texans.

(4) Public Safety

Republicans support freeing up our public safety officials so they can do their jobs be they fireman or police officers. We support ending politically correct restrictions, which hamper their work like the prohibition of criminal profiling (9/11 should have taught us something), fair compensation and give our public safety professionals the tools they need t tools to do their jobs.

New Poll Numbers Tell Emerging Texas Challenges

In the last few weeks the polls have emerged that reemphasize the challenges we conservatives face in 2002.

The recent Texas poll had Governor Perry up 20%; the Texas Medical Association poll has him up 8%! The Cornyn-Kirk senate race continues close with most polls putting it within the margin of error. The other races that are close are Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst-Sharp and Attorney General Abbott-Watson.

Remember, the polls are a snap shot. The key is turning out our voters starting with our base in November.

9/11 Stage Set by 1970s Liberals

It‘s shocking but true – the massive intelligence failure on 9/11 occurred due to the aftermath of the Liberal led Church Pike Committees in the late 1970s. Aiding this effort was Ted Kennedy. The laws they passed handcuffed our people so the warnings detailed by the Phoenix and Minneapolis FBI Offices were spiked due to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act requirements. The result was a goal of avoidance of "profiling" which spelled disaster.

So the FBI handcuffed and cautious, didn’t do its job. Note: We still do NOT profile in airports. This insanity must end. So, what can you do? Contact your Congressman and Senators and tell them you want our law enforcement groups to be unleashed to profile and detain terrorists.


Another interesting Web Site, "The History of Israel" in five minutes is available at

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