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Volume XVII Number 6 - February 24, 2018     RSS Feed   

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A Divided Party Equals Defeat In November

The Anti-Gun Frenzy: Let's Target Law Abiding Owners And The NRA?

Radio Ad For Paul Simpson (Facing Chris Carmona) Says "Paul Simpson's Done A Great Job As GOP Chairman", What Are The Facts?

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10 Days Until 2018 Primary Elections

A Divided Party Equals Defeat In November

The lack of focus by many Republicans for this year's primary is disheartening and portends trouble in November.

A few examples, the current campaigns against endorsement sample ballot lists, many from respected sources. The sponsors of these campaigns have a simple motive; their targets haven't endorsed their picks in certain races, primarily the County Chairman's race in Harris County.

These naysayers would rather have a bitterly divided party than lose control of the Chairman's position.

We at TCR are focused on November and we repeat a pledge we made back in 2014, to support whoever the voters pick for Chairman. Unfortunately, in 2014 and 2016 the offer was spurned by the current, embattled Chair, Paul Simpson. You all know the results in 2016 - we lost everything. That's 0-43.

The Anti-Gun Frenzy:
Let's Target Law Abiding Owners And The NRA?

TCR Comment: Social conservative leader, Gary Bauer's ( comments on the latest mass shooting are worth a read. A few points in public opinion polls as to why - 57% of adults say it's about complexities involving mental health treatment, just 28% blamed inadequate gun control laws. "While a lot of ideas are being floated right now, I have not seen one specific proposal being offered by the left in this rush to restrict rights."

"Rush Limbaugh recently made a sad but true point: The next mass shooter, probably the next five shooters, are already out there and most likely already have their weapons. There isn't much that could stop the next few school shootings other than armed guards.

"The left and its media allies want to ignore all the laws already on the books today. FBI regulations require it to follow up on calls with specific names and threats of school shootings. They didn't get one call - they got two calls and did nothing. The Bureau concedes that their protocols were not followed. Local law enforcement was called to Cruz's home more than 30 times in recent years, yet he had no criminal record.

"President Trump is open to strengthening laws related to background checks and mental illness. I think most Americans would gladly support that, but the devil is in the details.

"It is far more complex than it sounds. What level of mental illness should result in limits to a persons' constitutional rights? Would such laws deter kids or adults from going to a counselor in the first place?

"And why do we seemingly have so many more mental health issues these days? Is it the breakdown of the family? Does it have anything to do with the proliferation of pernicious violence and social media? Is it due to the constant cultural assault on faith and the idea that man is created in the image of God? Sadly, the left refuses to talk about any of these things."

Radio Ad For Paul Simpson (Facing Chris Carmona) Says "Paul Simpson's Done A Great Job As GOP Chairman", What Are The Facts?

This ad is now on the radio in Houston. Deceptively, it doesn't provide a lot of clarification. TCR's review indicates the use of the adjective "great" is misplaced, but to be fair, it depends on how one defines the word great.

A brief review of the HCRP under Paul Simpson:

  1. HCRP lost every single countywide race in 2016, where around the country President Trump's coattails carried the day among Reagan Democrats.

  2. The number of precinct chairmen have declined to a record 21st century low with Simpson.

  3. The party finances are a mess with significant amounts of money spent on brick and mortar with little or no electoral success to point to.

  4. Simpson is using party personnel to help run his reelection campaign.

  5. Simpson's plan for the critical 2018 election is to reuse the failed plan of 2016. He learned nothing.

  6. Simpson has pursued a vendetta against key social conservatives and their organizations, dividing the party.

  7. Simpson's focus is on winning in March and not in November.

  8. Simpson, in a desperate attempt to win in March is trashing his opponent and supporters.

  9. Simpson forgot it's not about how much money comes in, but about winning elections.

This March primary for Chairman is a life or death choice for the GOP in Harris County, because a repeat of 2016 and we will be extinguished countywide for a decade or more.

The ramifications both for Texas and the nation are significant. Lose Harris County, lose Texas and then you lose the nation.

If you care about the GOP's future it is time for change. It's time for Chris Carmona.

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Gary Polland is a long-time conservative and Republican spokesman, fund-raiser, and leader who completed three terms as the Harris County Republican Chairman. During his three terms, Gary was described as the most successful county Chairman in America by Human Events - The National Conservative Weekly. He is in his twenty-first year of editing a newsletter dealing with key conservative and Republican issues. The last sixteen years he has edited Texas Conservative Review. As a public service for the last 15 years, Gary has published election guides for the GOP primary, general elections and city elections, all with the purpose of assisting conservative candidates. Gary is also in his 15th year of co-hosting Red, White and Blue on PBS Houston, longest running political talk show in Texas history. Gary is a practicing attorney and strategic consultant. He can be reached at (713) 621-6335.

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