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Donald Trump: Not The Answer For Conservatives

Big Jolly Politics On HCRP Apologists' Criticism

This Cycle GOP Voters Have A Real Choice For Chairman: Rick Ramos

Coming Super Tuesday March 1: Editor Gary Polland on Political Coverage

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Donald Trump: Not The Answer For Conservatives

Let's start off by saying some positive things about Donald Trump. He is anti-political correctness. He has been outspoken on stopping illegal immigration. He opposed the Obama Iranian deal. He opposes unfair trade deals and the export of U.S. jobs by global U.S. based corporations. And he reflects a significant percentage of the electorate who are angry with the political class.

Now the negative. Trump is the modern "music man." The latest head to head matchup shows that between Hillary Clinton and Trump, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz - Clinton beat Trump by a Real Clear Politics average of 2.8%, and she loses to Rubio by 4.7% and to Cruz by 0.8%. And these are not new numbers but consistent from the beginning of the year.

What if the unlikely happens and Trump is elected, will it usher in a conservative era? Doubtful, because Trump has avoided specifics and the promises he makes are either non-deliverable or based on incorrect facts. For example, as the Washington Examiner points out, "He promised to save $300 billion a year by negotiating the price of drugs - more than all the money our country spends on drugs every year. He promised to fix Social Security's finances by removing dead people from the rolls, as though there were millions of them rather than a few thousand. He has promised to establish a mandatory death penalty for cop-killers, which is not within a President's constitutional powers. Then there's his 40-foot wall at the Mexican border, which he says will be financed by punitive tariffs on Mexican imports. This would be illegal under (existing) international treaty that he would not be able to change."

It is important to remember that Trump is a long-time supporter of the Clintons. They came to his latest wedding. We know he is a long-time supporter of Planned Parenthood. He is a 9/11 Truther, a supporter of property taking for private interests, and thinks Vladimir Putin is a guy we can trust and work with.

As Jonathan Last in The Weekly Standard said on February 24, 2016:

"What separates (Rubio and Cruz) from Trump is that they are looking to revolutionize the Party from the outside making it more modern conservative as both came from the Tea Party. What Trump proposes is a hostile takeover of the GOP replacing the old ossified establishment with something that is neither Republican nor conservative. A Trump administration would be pro-choice, pro-big government, nationalism populism - 'A party that's part Nelson Rockefeller and part Father Coughlin.'"

Anyone want that?

Last night in the Texas debate, Trump was awful and he came across as a liar on health care with no answers except release the lines to buy insurance in other states, a liar on spending, on hiring illegals, and on shipping jobs overseas. Then we got a naive attitude about the Middle East that was worse than Obama or Clinton. What he is good at are insults and stupid attacks.

The choice for conservatives is simple, Cruz or Rubio. Rubio or Cruz. This observer hopes they quit talking about each other and focus on the fake conservative Republican in the race, Trump. Rubio and Cruz need to join together to save the GOP, and in doing so they will save America.

Big Jolly Politics On HCRP Apologists' Criticism

David Jennings of commented on February 23, 2016, regarding the Harris County Republican Party and its critics:

"...I hope that you take the time to read the above (the HCRP Response) as well as reading the original post. If you do, you'll understand that her criticism is completely and wholly without merit."

"I always like to see what people omit when they choose to selectively criticize something that I write. For instance, look at what Siegel (HCRP Treasurer) didn't address.

  • My point about the high overhead the HCRP has making it too big to fail.

  • My point about moving from a grassroots group to a business focused group with no message.

  • My point about the huge leap in average and median contribution amounts.

  • My point that Simpson took credit for the Campaign for Houston when in fact he did nothing.

  • My point about the links between the HCRP, the HRBC, and Simpson's campaign account.

"And most interesting of all? From the original post quoting The Texas Conservative Review (Polland):

  • At the 2015 Executive Committee, current HCRP treasurer Cindy Siegel reported that the party was short of having the money to pay monthly expenses;

"Siegel was silent.

"Sometimes it isn't what you say, it's what you don't."

TCR Comment: We can't say it any better, and these words come to mind - the emperor (Simpson) has no clothes.

This Cycle GOP Voters Have A Real Choice
For Chairman: Rick Ramos

If you watched Thursday's presidential debate, you remember the point being made that two of the finalists for the Republican nomination are sons of Cuban immigrants and one is black. Contrast that with the Democrat contest between two white candidates, one male and one female. It would appear that the contest for diversity has been settled at the national level, at least. What is most important though is the quality of our candidates, which goes far beyond the national level.

Rick Ramos, who is running an insurgent campaign for Harris County Republican Chairman, is a good case in point. Ramos, like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, is the son of Cuban immigrants. In fact, Ramos himself was born in Cuba and fled Castro's dictatorship in the dead of night as a young boy. His father risked his life and the life of his entire family for the mere chance, not a guarantee, of a better life in these United States.

It was a gamble that made all the difference for his family including his son Rick, who learned and embraced the principles that made this country great. Rick, like many immigrants and children of immigrants, realized the great opportunities that are often overlooked and taken for granted by those born on our sacred ground. Rick pursued an education, earning an undergraduate degree and a law degree right here in Houston. He began the practice of law and even served the people of Harris County as the Associate Judge to a Republican District Judge. Rick Ramos has built an extremely successful law firm, created jobs and has made time for his family, which includes his wife Chelsie and their two daughters. It is clear that Rick Ramos has achieved the American Dream at a very young age.

What is also clear is Rick's commitment to the Republican Party. He has been a contributor, fundraiser and advisor to numerous Republican candidates. Now, he wants to take his activism to the next level by reforming and energizing the local party. Ramos has the energy, conservative philosophy and skills as a spokesman that is lacking under the current administration. The other strength Ramos holds is that he is a political outsider who can come in and shake things up. Rick grew up on the rough-and-tumble streets of Philadelphia, so there is no doubt that he is capable of taking a stand and engaging in a fight for conservative values. It is that same type of leadership he showed when he stood up and fought against Houston's Proposition 1 (bathroom ordinance) as an active voice and a contributor, while the state and local party stood silent. When Ramos says he will take on the establishment and hold our elected officials accountable for each and every vote, his words ring true. And honestly, aren't those the qualities we want at the Harris County Republican Party?

Coming Super Tuesday March 1

Coming Super Tuesday March 1: TCR Editor Gary Polland helps helm KPRC's (NBC Houston) political coverage live on with host Khambrel Marshall.

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