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Grossly Negligent Hillary Not Charged, Double Standard At Work

Leftist Anti-Police Rhetoric Opens Door To Mass Police Assassination

Book Review: The Declaration

Mainstream Media In Obama's Pocket, Covering Up The Crimes Of Islamic Migrants

The Worst Part Of The Email Scandal By Bruce Bialosky, Contributing Editor

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Thoughts This Fortnight

Grossly Negligent Hillary Not Charged,
Double Standard At Work

So according to the FBI, Hillary sent 110 emails clearly marked with classified information, 136 with secret information, and 8 containing top secret information.

Okay, and then the FBI tells us that "gross negligence" would be the standard required to prosecute. Director Comey described Clinton's conduct as "extremely careless." If you review definitions, those words grossly negligent and extremely careless are two sides of the same coin.

The fact is there was a political decision by the Obama administration to close the case against Hillary Clinton.

It's instructive to view a video of Hillary Clinton's misrepresentation as laid out by Director Comey. See Hillary Clinton vs. James Comey: Email Scandal, 1:47 that destroys Clinton's credibility.

National Review's David French describes what this is about, "She botched the Libya intervention so thoroughly that the country is now an ISIS playpen. Her State Department left men alone to die in Benghazi, then she misled the American people to cover up her own failure. Her family foundation is a pay-to-play influence-peddling operation. And now we know that she mishandled classified information and lied to conceal her own wrongdoing. But rules and standards are for the little people. The FBI demolished every Clinton excuse and blew apart every Clinton lie, but soon she might well walk into rooms serenaded to the sweet sounds of "Hail to the Chief." To paraphrase the words of Benjamin Franklin, we've got a banana republic, if Hillary can keep it."

We as a nation have really slipped. Can we get out of our downward spiral?

Leftist Anti-Police Rhetoric
Opens Door To Mass Police Assassination

Five Dallas police officers killed and and seven wounded by a killer who "wanted to kill white people." This occurred while the police were supervising a peaceful demonstration regarding incidents this week where black suspects were shot dead by police officers.

TCR was reminded of the constant harassment and attacks on the police for a few bad apples has an impact encouraging disrespect and violence. It's got to be stopped, and we need to respect the difficult job they do everyday. We have over 800,000 full-time law enforcement officers, so the percentage who are a problem are quite low. In addition, some of the hyped police shooting misconduct cases turned out not to be true in Ferguson and Baltimore.

We need to teach our children to be cooperative and non-threatening to law enforcement. We need two-person patrol cars, so the officers feel a modicum of safety of backup that they have and we need.

Book Review: The Declaration

Your editor has just completed a new book The Declaration by author William J. Hirsch, Jr. It suggests Texit in response to a runaway, out-of-control federal government and it's a fascinating novel that predicts what is coming if we elect Hillary Rodham Clinton to continue the Obama legacy.

The Declaration deals with our country's massive federal deficits, lax border control, stifling oil exploration regulations as well as onerous business, environmental, and education regulations. The heavy hand of the impersonal federal government that cares nothing for individual rights and liberty, continues to smother states' rights. How long can this go on before some states, their governors and legislators, stand up and say they have had enough?

The Declaration is a novel based on actual and predicted events. Many predictions have already come true. So much so, the line between fact and fiction is blurred. Which prediction is the next one to become reality?

The Declaration intertwines fast-paced action with current events, especially the upcoming election and the upheaval in the Supreme Court. Incredibly, The Declaration offers a forecast of what's to come. It tells a story of a new American revolution that is more likely to happen than many people realize. It shows a feasible way to recapture the American spirit and revitalize our economy. And it is an exciting, powerful, and enjoyable read. Of course, if it happens, our country is gone.

Mainstream Media In Obama's Pocket,
Covering Up The Crimes Of Islamic Migrants

A few weeks ago on June 2nd, a little girl playing outside her home in Twin Falls, Idaho was held at knife point by three boys, sexually assaulted, and urinated on, all while one of her attackers videotaped the horrendous crime.

The perpetrators were Muslim migrants allowed into our country as a "favor."

This story didn't hit mainstream media until five days after it happened, and quickly dropped!

To make the media's failure even more egregious, they denied the terrifying truths. Instead of informing us of the threat against our families, mainstream media went into full cover up mode: "Story of Syrian refugees raping Idaho girl is false: authorities" - New York Daily News; "No, Syrian refugees didn't rape a child in Idaho: Right-wing urban myth" - Salon; "False story on social media charges Syrian refugees raped Idaho girl" - Spokesman.

Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs specifically denied the chilling acts of these underage, violent criminals, "There was no gang rape, there was no Syrian involvement, there were no Syrian refugees involved, there was no knife used, there was no inactivity by the police." Yet multiple eyewitness accounts confirm the very details of the crime Loebs denied!

Are our families to be denied safety and peace of mind in their own country for the sake of admitting these people who have no understanding or respect for our culture and our values, and with no desire to assimilate?

If the Obama administration put half of the effort it spends trying to cover up the crimes perpetrated by Islamic immigrants against our citizens into changing the immigration policies for Americans' protection, we'd be far better off.

It's time we close our gates to immigrants from the countries of Islamic extremists until we can devise a system that only brings in those who are law-abiding and interested in being an American.

The Worst Part Of The Email Scandal
By Bruce Bialosky, Contributing Editor

You may have heard there is a controversy brewing about how Mrs. Clinton handled her emails while she was the Secretary of State. You may have read some analysis of the matter and/or Mrs. Clinton's denials that there is any "there, there." In all that I have yet to read the most salient point of this whole matter and it has little to do with Hillary.

The most amazing part of this entire scandal is that Mrs. Clinton maintained the email and personal server for the four years she was Secretary of State and it never became public. It was not until the State Department turned over eight emails to the House Benghazi Committee in August, 2014, that the world learned of This was more than five years after the domain was established in January, 2009, during Mrs. Clinton's approval process in the U.S. Senate.

Mrs. Clinton worked for four years in the Obama Administration, and judging by the amount of emails she turned over (not to mentioned the unknown destroyed emails), she received a substantial number and sent a substantial number of emails (maybe upwards to 100,000). But not one person said anything publicly about the fact that Mrs. Clinton was not using a government email address to send her government email.

I can understand if someone was corresponding to her about family matters or as she said "yoga classes" (I still don't believe she actually does yoga; she just said that to sound "normal". I generally don't believe anything that emits from her mouth). But the rest were government business and needed to be protected. I also don't believe there is a difference between what was supposedly classified and what was not. As far as I am concerned, anything she sent should have been protected. That she appears not to have realized that is in itself reason to disqualify her from the position she seeks.

Lastly, I don't accept there were only two breaches of security and none thereafter. She and her advisers have no clue how many times Guccifer or other hackers like him got into her system. They did not send love notes afterward. Mrs. Clinton wants us to believe that the Russians admitted hacking the Democratic National Committee for over a year with all their security measures and no one ever was successful in hacking the server in her closet.

But back to the main topic. Not one person questioned this practice publicly. Not one met a Washington Post reporter in a dark corner of a garage and whispered how the Secretary of State was using her own email on her own domain and exposing nationally-sensitive material to tawdry or dangerous elements on the internet. This scares the wits out of me and it should scare the wits out of you. The Obama Administration was running such a cabal that no one challenged this questionable behavior.

In speaking to colleagues about this matter, they asserted various rationale for this lack of response. Most of their rationale centers on the fact that whoever it was, whether they be people in her department, the White House staff or other people in other departments, they were essentially afraid of challenging Ms. Clinton.

On September 4, 2015, while on Andrea Mitchell's MSNBC show, Secretary Clinton states she openly used this email and no one questioned it. As she stated, "The people in the government knew I was using a personal account, the people I was emailing to on the .gov system certainly knew, and they would respond to me on my personal email." In other words, during a period when the government was regularly being hacked and the idea of hackers had become ubiquitous, not one person thought that it was bizarre enough to call into to question the fact that the fourth person in the line of succession to run our government was sending all her emails from a private email account in the period 2009-2013.

Mrs. Clinton and her team of apologists like to say that she was doing the same thing as other Secretaries of State. I have to say William Seward, Lincoln's Secretary, or John Foster Dulles, Eisenhower's Secretary, did a terrible job of handling their email. And that has as much relevance as the canards the apologists use to protect Mrs. Clinton by questioning Colin Powell's behavior. We all can remember the first decade of this century and know the rules and concerns regarding email had evolved tremendously from 2002 to 2010.

We should all sit back and take a look at what happened here and how our government under President Obama was totally unwilling to protect our national security, by questioning the behavior of the Secretary of State by the name of Hillary Clinton regarding the most pervasive form of communication in our modern society.

We should also question whether the person at the center of this issue should be allowed to continue this government and become President. Do you really think she will change the operation of the government? Do you believe as I do her government will be even more willing to cover up information that we as citizens should be aware of and exposed to?

As I said this is the worst part. A major part of our government and hundreds of our employees refused to blow the whistle on an obvious dangerous behavior. That should scare us all.

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee. You can follow Bruce on Twitter @brucebialosky.

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