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Volume XIV Number 6 - April 2, 2015     RSS Feed   

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Meet The New Iranian Air Force: The US Navy And Air Force

The Texas Senate, So Far Delivering On Campaign Promises

Newcomers To Austin Making Their Mark

Charles Alcorn, Texas GOP Leader RIP

President Obama's New Goal Cripples The Jewish State Of Israel

Coming Soon: Nuclear War In The Middle East

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Thoughts This Fortnight

Meet The New Iranian Air Force:
The US Navy And Air Force

Just a week after the leader of Iran called once again for "death to America," President Obama has ordered U.S. aircraft to assist the Iranian Shiite effort to retake Tikrit from the IS (radical Sunni forces).

Let's see, we are helping those who hate America retake part of Iraq lost on Obama's watch, from people who hate America. Makes a lot of sense if your foreign policy is to work against America's interest.

The Texas Senate,
So Far Delivering On Campaign Promises

Give credit where credit is due. The Texas Senate is delivering on promises made by Governor Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Patrick. Tax cuts for individuals and business - Check. A plan to continue border enforcement to fill the vacuum of the federal government not doing its job - Check. Gun-possession-friendly legislation - Check. Finally, taking prosecution of state officeholders away from the People's Republic of Travis (Austin) County - Check.

The critics of Dan Patrick have been proven wrong as he has worked to build consensus and the reform in the Rosebush blocker bill (21 votes to bring up legislation) reduction to 19 votes has not gotten in the way. It has not caused problems with Senators, regardless of party, working cooperatively.

Now it's up to the GOP House to pass legislation in the areas enumerated.

Newcomers To Austin Making Their Mark

Many new conservatives have joined the fight in Austin this session, and, unlike what generally happens, they are being seen and heard.

First, Senator Paul Bettencourt has been a leader on a number of issues: tax relief for individuals and businesses, pension reform and spending limitation.

Other freshmen having positive impact include: Senator Kelly Hancock who is seeking to put stricter limits on spending.

We will update you on these as the session goes on.

Charles Alcorn, Texas GOP Leader RIP

A member of the greatest generation and longtime Republican leader Charles Alcorn passed away recently at the age of 89.

Charles served in the Navy during World War II, and following that had a long first career with the Merchant Marine. In his second career he served as Vice President of Atlantic and Gulf Stevedores in Houston. And in his third career he became an important Republican leader as Harris County Senatorial District Chairman and as Delegate to the Republican National Convention. In service to the state he was the Chairman of the Battleship Texas Foundation.

Charles was a great person and a leader with a sense of humor and humility. It was an honor for your Editor to serve in the Harris County GOP leadership with him.

Charles is one of those whose shoes are impossible to fill. We can only do our best. He will be missed by all of his GOP friends.

President Obama's New Goal
Cripples The Jewish State Of Israel

The only democracy in the Middle East and a decades-long ally of the U.S. with a supportive voting record in the U.N. to boot, now faces a hostile President Obama determined to bring Israel to heel before he is out of office in January 2017.

Let's review the telltale signs:

Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks to Congress and is gracious toward Obama, but warns that that forthcoming deal with Iran is bad for the world, the U.S. and Israel. The President and his team trash our ally, and refuse to meet with him.

In the Israeli election, the Obama government laundered federal dollars through NGO's to support opponents of Netanyahu, all without congressional consent, and despite Obama's efforts Bibi won. It took days for Obama to call and congratulate Netanyahu, and when he did, he was not friendly making unreasonable demands and threats.

Around the same time, Obama ignored Iran leader Ali Khamenei's statement when he joined a crowd in demanding "death to America."

Then the Obama team says they are reassessing supporting Israel in the U.N. - aka abandoning a friend.

It reminds me of an important biblical passage referring to Israel, "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you."

All the while the U.S. is aiding and abetting Iran's thrust for hegemony in the Middle East where the U.S. Air Force and Navy are now battling ISIS to help Iran and their Iraqi militia allies.

TCR wonders where are the pro-Israel Democratic leaders besides Senator Menendez? When, if ever, will they raise hell? Also, why is Hillary Clinton silent?

Coming Soon: Nuclear War In The Middle East

Non-proliferation used to be the policy of America and the West. It has not been completely successful, but has worked okay.

The new nuclear arms race in the Middle East is different. With so many conflicts seemingly always going on - war in Syria, war in Iraq, war in Yemen, war in Libya, terrorists everywhere, conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, and Hezbollah in Lebanon - danger lurks.

In the last week, the greatest success of Obama's war on terror collapsed in Yemen to Iran and its rebel allies who now are dashing for Yemeni ports and the Red Sea, a vital oil shipping choke point. So now Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, UAE, and Qatar are engaging via air strikes and with naval and army forces to stop the Iranian advance. Can you imagine if the countries involved had nuclear weapons - i.e. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.? How quickly could a dispute escalate into a nuclear exchange? Be patient, in the next year or two they could all be nuclear powers.

President Obama allegedly opposes global warming, but what do you think the impact would be on our global environment? Not good. This is the Obama legacy coming soon to our world. Maybe the Nobel committee can ask for a return of the Peace Prize Obama was given for accomplishing nothing, except bringing us closer to nuclear war.

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