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Volume XIV Number 12 - June 19, 2015     RSS Feed   

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In This Issue

Time To Revive Support For Your Local Police, They're Not Perfect, But We Need Them

The Iran Sellout Continues

Runaway Federal Debt Still A Problem, What Do We Do?

Time To Close The H-1B Mack Truck Size Loopholes

The More The Merrier, Why Super Tuesday In Texas Will Pave The Way For A Big Win In November

Hillary Standing Down, She's Not Honest Or Trustworthy

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Thoughts This Fortnight

Time To Revive Support For Your Local Police, They're Not Perfect, But We Need Them

To be clear, police officers are human and make mistakes, but the overwhelming majority of them are good people who do their job appropriately. The long-time attacks on the police make us all less safe.

So it's time to revive the slogan "Support Your Local Police." One only has to look to Baltimore as to the results of constant attacks on them. The police avoid possible criticism and crime explodes.

The Iran Sellout Continues

Remember at this time last year, we were assured by the Obama administration that "we have required that Iran come clean on its past actions as part of any comprehensive agreement," as stated by Wendy Sherman, lead negotiator before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and confirmed by Secretary Kerry in April on NPR.

But on June 16th, Kerry said the U.S. "was not fixated" on Iran accounting for the "possible military dimensions" of its nuclear actions.

So if anyone with half a brain looks at the deal being negotiated, they would walk away. Obama has negotiated not one real concession from Iran. The deal will ensure they become a nuclear power.

Runaway Federal Debt Still A Problem,
What Do We Do?

With our national government debt at record levels and Obama is now the biggest debt creator of all our Presidents combined. It's time to get control of our runaway federal debt and in many ways our wasteful federal spending.

As of June 2015, our outstanding debt is $18,154,320,486,155.00! So what do we do?

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation has done great work on the debt, and following this article are charts by the Foundation. Chart 1 illustrates how the growing debt is caused by a mismatch between spending and revenues. This is occurring while federal revenues continue to increase, just not as fast as spending. Chart 2 shows that by 2050 interest costs on the debt will exceed by four times what the federal government spends on R&D (research and development), infrastructure, and education. Chart 3 demonstrates how, because of Obamacare, health care will be a major engine in the anticipated growth in federal spending in the future.

How about solutions? AEI, a conservative think tank, has three big ideas: (1) Make health care programs efficient with incentives not controls. Medicare would be funded by block grants to the states who can design programs that work for them. We can eliminate the tax break on employer provided health insurance, and replace it with a refundable health insurance tax credit; (2) Modify Social Security with a flat rolling benefit, and, to supplement, the same workers would also be enrolled in an employer-sponsored retirement plan with a required 3% contribution split between worker and employer. They also recommend raising the early retirement age to 65, and eliminate the SSI payroll tax of 12.4% on all workers age 62 and older; and (3) Next set a flat tax with a graduated rate for individuals and a flat rate tax on businesses' cash flow, which we will cover in a future issue.

TCR Comment: The bottom line is, if we don't get control of our debt, we are broke at the end of the day.

Chart 1

Peter G. Peterson Foundation -

Chart 2

Peter G. Peterson Foundation -

Chart 3

Peter G. Peterson Foundation -

Time To Close The H-1B
Mack Truck Size Loopholes

You have probably read about the gross abuses by major companies like Disney, Southern California Edison and others hiring foreigners under the H-1B program, which brings workers on temporary visas when Americans allegedly can't be found to do the job. We know now that Americans were pushed to resign their jobs and asked to train their foreign successors. This turkey needs to be ended. The fraud and abuse is breathtaking, and your editor can't believe Americans aren't able and qualified to do these jobs if they are paid a fair wage. This sounds nothing like the way the program was sold.

The More The Merrier, Why Super Tuesday In Texas Will Pave The Way For A Big Win In November

Texas joins Super Tuesday in 2016 on March 1. Due to the wisdom of former Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri, we could have the biggest primary for the GOP in Texas history. This will jumpstart the Texas GOP toward a big November, helping us to identify tens of thousands of voters new to our primary.

Remember what 2008 (Clinton vs. Obama) did for the Democrats? Historic turnouts in the primary led to Democratic success in November in Harris (Houston) and other counties. This time it's our turn.

Hillary Standing Down,
She's Not Honest Or Trustworthy

In a recent Public Opinion Strategies Poll (2.53%) in the twelve swing states shows Hillary Clinton is underwater in a Presidential election - 43% agree she is honest and trustworthy, and 54% disagree.

What could this portend for the future? Could this be a replay of 1968? Eugene McCarthy, insurgent liberal, (Bernie Sanders) comes close or wins in an early state caucus or primary. LBJ was not trusted and drops out (Hillary). Then the Vice-President comes to the rescue, Hubert Humphrey (Joe Biden). Note, the most recent Suffolk University Poll of New Hampshire Democrats shows Hillary at 41% and Sanders at 31%.

This could happen, and you read it here first.

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