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Runoff Results: Any Surprises?

Texas Primary Runoff Schedule, Too Long, Too Expensive, And Little Turnout, It's Time To Redo

In Case You Missed It: Obama Proposes To Give Up Control Of The Internet To 'Some' International Body

VA Scandal: Obamacare Preview?

Political Correctness Will Kill Free Speech

Is This A Stupid Question: Why Do Tax Collecting Law Firms Only Seem To Pay Democrat Politicians?

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Thoughts This Fortnight

Runoff Results: Any Surprises?

Finally the primary season is over and we have our Texas ticket for 2014. Yes, it was brutal, nasty, and personal, primarily because of the issues there was not a lot of daylight. So let us review the results.

In the key race, Dan Patrick bested David Dewhurst, who in a classy act as part of his concession speech, endorsed Patrick for Lieutenant Governor. TCR wonders if Dewhurst had run a positive issue oriented campaign, whether he would have done better?

For Attorney General, small firm attorney Ken Paxton bested big firm attorney Dan Branch, with the implied support of Ted Cruz. Paxton can be a fine Attorney General if he hires the best and the brightest, which TCR expects him to do.

For Railroad Commissioner, a next generation candidate and oil and gas engineer, Ryan Sitton, bested his career politician opponent, which is very exciting for the GOP future.

Other important races were State Representative victories for Dennis Paul in District 129 and Mike Schofield in District 132, both of whom will do a fine job.

In our key judicial races, in the 311th District Court, Alicia Franklin crushed the recently resigned, embattled Denise Pratt; and John Schmude bested Meca Walker in a razor close 247th District Court race.

As for TCR's record on the Harris County ballot, every endorsed Candidate prevailed, proving again that responsible conservative endorsements are critical to success in the Harris County GOP primary.

Texas Primary Runoff Schedule, Too Long, Too Expensive, And Little Turnout, It's Time To Redo

The "new" primary schedule in Texas did not work. Eleven weeks between round one and two is way too long. In the age of the internet, surely we can get overseas and military ballots out and back in four to six weeks.

The problem resulted in significantly more expensive campaigns chasing fewer interested voters. It is also possible the process resulted in more negative campaigning in a vain attempt to get voter's attention. It is time to cut the time between round one and two.

In Case You Missed It:
Obama Proposes To Give Up Control Of The Internet To 'Some' International Body

So, let's see, the United States has run the internet without politics and now in the interest of giving it to the United Nations, Obama wants to turn it over.

This idiotic idea means the authoritarian and anti-democratic majority of the United Nations can then control how you use the internet.

Congress needs to flush this stupid idea and fast. Can 2017 come any sooner?

VA Scandal: Obamacare Preview?

So we know that President Obama learned about the VA scandal while watching TV. This seems how the president learns of scandals in "his" administration. Like Chauncey Gardiner, in the movie "Being There" was famous for saying in response to what do you do, says, "I watch TV." If he is being truthful, he is an empty suit.

The VA scandal tells us what Obamacare will become, what with "Secret Waiting Lists," the VA pays out $1,000,000,000.00 for medical malpractice and Obama's idea is, let's study what happened. Here's an idea, fire the Secretary of the VA, Shinseki.

Just a little check, doesn't the VA like that Obamacare provides lists of free services which create an insatiable demand (hey! it's free)? But, we live in a world of limits so the only way for the VA (Obamacare) to provide universal care or not cut medical care is, surprise, rationing! That's what the VA did, so there are waiting lists for the so-called free services and if you have influence, you move up on the waiting list.

Like so many ideas, maybe we should give Veterans vouchers (medical choice) to buy their own insurance and/or services in the private sector. In fact, that is a good idea for all government medical care.

Political Correctness Will Kill Free Speech

There are a few recent examples of the Left's efforts to stifle free speech through the forces of political correctness.

First, in Houston where Mayor Parker pushed a so=called anti-discrimination ordinance to protect the rights of gays, lesbians, and transgenders, which, in fact will discriminate against straights. As far as real rights, they are protected by federal laws and a city law is redundant and will encourage more regulation of business by the city. One final thought, Mayor Parker, if we have as big problem as you claim, explain your nine straight city-wide victories.

Second, the same politically correct forces pushed Brandeis University to cancel commencement speaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Muslim woman who is an advocate for women's rights, including fighting against female genital mutilation and the more archaic aspects of Islamic Sharia Law, which allow honor killings. She was canceled as some of "her past statements that are inconsistent with Brandeis University's core values." Which, at a liberal university, means a strong non-belief in free speech. TCR guesses Ayaan was a controversial figure for her stands for real women's rights. Maybe the war on women is coming from the left in America.

Is This A Stupid Question:
Why Do Tax Collecting Law Firms
Only Seem To Pay Democrat Politicians?

In the May 26, 2014, issue of the Houston Chronicle is an expose about the scandal of Democrat politicians on the payroll of the major firms who do tax collection work. We at TCR don't begrudge the Democrats making money, but these large payments to one political party raise serious questions of whether the Democrat recipients are providing any real services besides their influence.

The article says these were partially done to fulfill minority requirements for affirmative action goals. Regardless, Craig McDonald, of Texans for Public Justice is right. "It raises potential conflicts, lawmakers should not be working with or for law firms that are doing business with the state... or Texas government entities."

One other thing, the city requires contractors to devote 24% of their contracts to minority owned businesses, not based on need so the politically connected Democrat insiders get richer, and the truly needy businesses get nada.

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