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For The 2014 Cycle Look For A Refocused Harris County GOP

Obamacare: The Lies We Were Told To Sell The Plan

Dow Theory Letters Warns U.S. In Decline!

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For The 2014 Cycle
Look For A Refocused Harris County GOP

The Quorum Report recently featured a special report regarding the Harris County Republican Party's efforts to adopt the 21st century technology pioneered in 2008 and 2012 by the Barack Obama campaign.

First, the Harris County Republican Party under the leadership of Chair Jared Woodfill, is opening regional field offices in areas of growing population where prospective Republican voters are. Woodfill calls it "take the party to the voters."

Second, the party is deploying cutting edge technology using the rVotes campaign and election system software, which Woodfill says is taking the Democrats' ground game technology and using it for the good guys and gals.

Hats off to the HCRP for getting with it in an increasingly challenging county.

One thing is clear with turnout numbers so low, finding new GOP voters or "November Republicans" is critical for future GOTV efforts. While we're at it, we need to make sure voters know how truly diverse the GOP is in Texas, and for that we can't depend on the mainstream media.

The Lies We Were Told To Sell The Plan

As time goes on with the Obamacare rollout we are learning more and more about the lies told to sell Obamacare. So what's the latest?

(1) President Obama in 2009 told us after Obamacare became law, if you liked your health insurance you could keep it. Turns out, according to NBC News, that is not so, as millions are being informed that their insurance is being cancelled. And there is more, buried in Obamacare regulations from July 2010 is this fact: "40% - 67%" of customers will not be able to keep their policies.

(2) President Obama promised medical insurance rates would be stable or decline. Not so, as the Los Angeles Times reports that thousands of Californians are experiencing rate shock as they learn that Obamacare is going to cost them a lot more.

(3) Obama promised an automated signup system that will work as well as Amazon. Come on! After spending more money (approaching $1 billion), the website doesn't work. By the way, Apple developed the iPhone for less than $500 million!

(4) We were told that everyone, including Congressmen, their aides and the Obama administration insiders will have the same requirements for Obamacare as the general public, but not so as Obama issued an executive order that did just that.

(5) We were told the Obamacare system would be set up to make sure that applicants must financially qualify for subsidized medical care with proof of qualification; and then Obama waived providing proof and essentially said we will take people's word! Incidentally, this was one of the Democratic Senate's concessions to the GOP during the debt/budget negotiations, to reinstate the proof of eligibility requirements!

Now that the government shutdown hubbub is over, the media finally has a chance to focus on the Obamacare rollout train wreck. The Democrats own this turkey.

Dow Theory Letters Warns U.S. In Decline!

"The big story of last week, in my mind, is the horror of the United States' finances and our government's latest pathetic response to that situation. For many years we've known about the unsustainable, sad joke that is out federal government's spending vs. revenue equation. Most of us have all along suspected that there could be no happy ending to it. But the latest installment and the shutdown's 'solution' - a four month reprieve - truly underscored the disaster of the nation's finances and, even more so, its politics. It doesn't matter whether you agree with the Democrats or the Republicans regarding Obamacare; the bigger, crystal-clear message coming out of the last few weeks and Wednesday's 'settlement' is that there is no way in hell that our politicians are going to come up with any kind of reasonable, long-term solution to the nation's financial imbalances. AND that they're perfectly willing to dance right along the edge of the default cliff that, with one slight misstep, sends the nation and therefore the world into an economic catastrophe of near-Biblical proportions."

"Speaking personally, it hit me like a ton of bricks last week: the U.S. REALLY IS losing its preeminent world position. China is on track to passing us economically in the next few decades as measured by GDP. But long before that happens, we'll already have lost the world's confidence as its leader and role model. What the last few weeks have accomplished, if nothing else, is to confirm that the US federal government is no longer able to function efficiently or effectively. Forgetting even about its diluted value caused by decades of overspending and worsened by Quantitative Easing, the dollar is quickly losing the world's confidence as the currency of choice, with what is sure to be an ongoing series of debt default threats in the months and years ahead.

"More and more other countries of the world are getting fed up with the circus that is our Congress and out finances. There are a few signs that Washington is finally getting the message, and that they're going to change their dysfunctional ways - but that's still a long shot. In the long run, I don't see how this can be good for the US dollar, the US stock market, or Americans' future quality of life! None of this is 'news,' it's just that last week sort of put the whole thing in bold print with multiple exclamation points."

TCR Comment: As regular readers know, from time to time TCR excerpts important information from Dow Theory Letters. This week's message is factual and scary. Conservatives must lead the battle to save America from the financial disaster coming.

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