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A Periodic Newsletter for Committed Texas Conservatives

In This Issue

Immigration Reform Ideas Conservatives Could Live With

NYT's Public Service On Runaway Medical Costs, TCR's Idea: Let Informed Consumers Decide

Texas Legislative Update: Mid-Special Session Update

Thoughts This Fortnight About D.C.

Only In The Twilight Zone Is The New Iranian President A Moderate By Guest Contributor Josh Block

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Thoughts This Fortnight

Immigration Reform Ideas
Conservatives Could Live With

The immigration mess in America continues. The Obama administration is deporting carloads for minor drug possession cases (traces) involving people whose families are residents or citizens and often they are the breadwinner with no additional legal trouble. The result is, the family goes on welfare and everyone loses.

So why not a common-sense reform plan authored by a prominent conservative observer of the American scene. Here are the highlights:

1. Secure the border including a border fence, as required by federal law;

2. Enforce the entry-exit system for visas;

3. Require employees to use verification for new and current employees;

4. End guest worker schemes that take jobs away from our own college graduates;

5. Enforce cooperation between federal and state immigration authorities;

6. Reinstate "Ellis Island Rule" - no admission to USA if you have a major disease or fail to prove you won't become a public charge;

7. Develop a plan to assimilate legal immigration including English only education;

8. End dual citizenship and require a loyalty oath for anyone seeking U.S. citizenship.

With adoption of the above policies, we will end illegal immigration, and we can deal with who is here. And to this TCR would add: evaluate objectively every candidate to stay in America as to whether they make us a better place and evaluate other equities involved. Next month we will reveal the author.

NYT's Public Service On Runaway Medical Costs,
TCR's Idea: Let Informed Consumers Decide

Do you want to know how to go a long way toward solving our medical care crisis? Information.

So when the New York Times last week covered the divergence in costs for a colonoscopy in the U.S. and foreign countries it made us at TCR think that the most liberal daily in America is telling us the free market is what we need in medical care.

So how to we make the free markets work? Information on pricing and quality. So what we need to do is trash ObamaCare and allow the medical care market to be freed. Soon we can have real competition like the Lasik eye surgery market, and we are sure you've noticed what has happened there! Quality up and price down.

Texas Legislative Update:
Mid-Special Session Update

Since our last update Governor Perry has issued his vetoes and many make sense including equal pay act that is redundant, taking funding from the Travis County DA's office for public integrity, a long objective of TCR, and support of the first amendment that SB 346 would invade.

The Special Session seems on its way to ratifying the Federal Court's interim maps. But at TCR we wonder why Republican appointee U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez wants to go further and take more GOP seats away? And when will the U.S. Supreme Court finally strike down the unconstitutional Voting Rights Act? Maybe in the next two weeks we will get a result.

The Governor added the critical transportation issue to the call and hopefully the legislature and Governor can come up with a plan that fully funds our needs in this area. This is necessary to preserve our opportunity to continue to grow.

Thoughts This Fortnight About D.C.

In Washington, President Obama decides to help the Syrian rebels, even though many are also enemies of the West. It's more leading from behind. You'd think they would learn.

Meanwhile, Iran edges closer to producing or having nuclear weapons and DEBKA revealed that Iran is also trying to buy nukes from North Korea. The Obama response, more sanctions with holes in them and the promise we won't tolerate an Iranian nuclear weapon. In foreign affairs, actions speak a lot louder than words.

The immigration bill moves forward, but has troubling aspects that will not be good for the country. It is still critical to get control of our borders and the expired visa situation. Senator Cornyn's action to try to insure true border security should be hailed by all.

Only In The Twilight Zone Is
The New Iranian President A Moderate

By Guest Contributor Josh Block

Hassan Rouhani, a so-called "moderate" conservative cleric, is the president-elect of Iran.

However, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei will continue to call the shots. He's banned concessions and vetoed negotiations with the United States. Even "moderates" in Iran have marched the streets chanting "Death to Israel" and threatened to annihilate the Jewish state.

The Khamenei regime is hoping the election will convince the world something has changed.

But their actions speak louder than words.

Josh Block is CEO & President at The Israel Project, a pro-Israel US organization.

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