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Robert Talton - TCR's Choice for Harris County Attorney

The Conservative Case For Electing Dewhurst To The U.S. Senate

Will The Real Kristin Guiney Please Stand Up?

Jared Woodfill for Harris County Republican Party Chairman

In The Race For Harris County District Attorney, The Verdict Is Clear

TCR 2012 Republican Primary Voter's Guide

TCR Endorsement Editorial

TCR May 2012 Statewide Edition

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TCR 2012 Republican Primary Voter's Guide
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Robert Talton
TCR's Choice for Harris County Attorney

Robert Talton for Harris County AttorneyRobert Talton is truly a pillar of conservatism in Harris County, and we owe him a debt of gratitude for his life-long commitment to conservative principles and service to our Party and community. These are just a few of the many reasons that Robert Talton is my choice for Harris County Attorney.

Some of the many positions in which Robert Talton has served Harris County include:

  • Police Officer, Pasadena, Texas

  • Police Legal Advisor, City of Port Arthur, 1976-77

  • Assistant City Attorney, City of Pasadena, 1977-79

  • Assistant City Attorney, City of South Houston, 1979-81

  • Associate Municipal Judge, City of Pasadena, 1981-83

  • Prosecutor, City of South Houston, 1985

  • Associate Municipal Judge, City of Pasadena, 1986-92

  • City Attorney, City of South Houston, 1987-92

  • City Attorney, City of Pearland, 1988-90

  • State Representative, District 144, from 1993 through 2009

  • Harris County Republican Party Legal Counsel

Robert Talton has been someone on whom your editor could count, when a vote for a crucial conservative issue needed to be cast, or a conservative cause needed to be championed, Republicans in Harris County could always depend on Robert Talton's support.

Robert Talton is eminently qualified for the position of County Attorney, and has received endorsements from scores of grass-roots conservatives, from every corner of Harris County.

In the race for Harris County Attorney, you have an opportunity to make a difference in the future of Harris County. Robert is THE conservative, experienced choice in this election, and your editor is asking you to cast your vote for Robert Talton for Harris County Attorney.

The Conservative Case For Electing
Dewhurst To The U.S. Senate

David Dewhurst for U.S. SenateThere's a major reason why Texas conservatives are coalescing behind Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in the open U.S. Senate race. While virtually all candidates in the extended field agree we need a dramatic housecleaning in Washington, Dewhurst is the sole contender who has proven he can deliver on what he promises.

Dewhurst has compiled an impressive record of budget-cutting and trimming government, starting in his first political office with a major reduction in force at the General Land Office. He continued to hold the line during his five legislative sessions as Lieutenant Governor. Even during periodic rough economic times, the Texas Legislature has eliminated expected shortfalls and balanced the state budget entirely by cutting spending, never once resorting to a general tax increase. That's a record unmatched anywhere in the country.

Working with Gov. Perry and the Republican majority, Dewhurst has also pushed through legislation protecting vulnerable human life, trimming excesses of personal injury trial lawyers, maintaining a job-friendly regulatory and tax climate, safeguarding the integrity of elections and reducing taxes when possible - all while strengthening our border security. He has helped create a favorable business climate that has attracted businesses and created jobs, and made Texas the envy of other states. When Dewhurst vows to take this Texas model to Washington, he does so with credibility and personal experience.

Dewhurst has managed to accomplish all this in the Texas Senate, where the minority party still has the numbers to stop any legislation dead in its tracks. But Dewhurst has a businessman's ability to work to a successful deal without sacrificing his principles. As Ronald Reagan advocated, he takes 90 percent and tries to get the remaining 10 percent next time. He's been equally effective in enacting conservative social policy as well. As one prominent pro-life leader has said: "Until Lt. Gov. Dewhurst was elected, the state senate was where our legislation came to die. He has been a game-changer for the pro-family movement."

Even as Lt. Governor, Dewhurst has never been part of the inside Austin establishment. He was strongly opposed by the lobby when he first ran for Lt. Governor. Since his election, he's been a quiet and persistent advocate for transparency and reform, and an enemy of business as usual. He's developed a well-deserved reputation for intelligence, integrity and independence. He doesn't read a teleprompter well, but he's serious about public policy. Dewhurst is never afraid to dive into issues and come up with solutions that embrace free market principles, as he's done with state health care and other issues. And he's as persistent as he is serious. He will make a principled and determined U.S. Senator.

Several Senate candidates have unusual personal histories, but Dewhurst's life story is particularly compelling. His father, a WWII hero, was killed in an auto accident when David was only three. He worked his way through school, overcame a stuttering problem, became a U.S. Air Force officer, and later served abroad in the CIA. When he came back to Houston, Dewhurst started a business, suffered some reversals, dusted himself off and started anew.

Dewhurst was ultimately successful in the energy co-generation industry. He has since given back to our communities in a major way. His contributions over the years to conservative causes, and to those in need, have been made quietly, and they're inspiring. He is a man of compassion and generosity... and steely resolve.

Starting relatively late in life, Dewhurst became active in political life - even while continuing to run his investment firm. He knows from personal experience that our national wealth expands, and our people become prosperous, only when the private sector takes risks and creates jobs. More importantly, he knows how the heavy hand of government can undermine the hopes and dreams of entrepreneurs and small businessmen. Congress needs more businessmen, more men and women who have created jobs and who can address our troubled economy with personal experience and conviction.

The U.S. Senate race has produced a number of solid candidates and future political talent. Virtually all of them talk the talk about cleaning up the mess in Washington - repealing Obamacare, reducing spending, creating a good business environment. But only one has truly walked the walk, and proven that he can deliver. Dewhurst has a solid track record of accomplishment reining in government on the state level, balancing budgets, protecting the core American family, defending our sovereignty, and safeguarding the American dream for future generations. TCR believes David Dewhurst will represent Texas with distinction in the U.S. Senate.

Will The Real Kristin Guiney Please Stand Up?

How many of you remember the TV series "To Tell The Truth?" It was a TV show where participants tried to guess the real identity of a guest, and they would end each segment by asking the question "Will the real (guest's name) please stand up?"

Likewise, as the voters of Harris County look closely at the race for the 179th Criminal District Court they are asking the question "Will the real Kristin Guiney please stand up?"

Kristin Guiney is a ten-year lawyer in her mid-thirties running against a bona fide Republican stalwart, Lana Shadwick.

Guiney Solicits On Internet For Sex Offenders And Others!

As a defense lawyer, Kristin Guiney has deliberately chosen to defend some of the most abhorrent and dangerous criminals in Harris County. While under our judicial system, all criminals deserve a defense, but Kristin Guiney has gone out of her way to pursue representation of some of the most violent, and vicious criminals. What is worse is that she is using the internet to solicit criminal defendants and has deliberately chosen to market her services to an audience of criminals accused of such crimes as "Sex and Internet crimes, child pornography, drug trafficking, and violent crimes."

Do you have a problem trusting someone with one of your courts who actively seeks and looks forward to being hired by these types of criminals? With someone that specializes in helping sexual predators get away from the consequences brought on themselves by their evil actions against unsuspecting and innocent victims? Is this the kind of background and experience that you expect in a Republican judge?

Guiney Affiliates With GOP In 2008 Better Late Than Never

You see, Kristin Guiney is attempting to sell herself to the Republican voters of Harris County as a life-long Republican, worthy of the confidence of Harris County Republican voters. Her voting record indicates otherwise as the first time she voted in a Republican primary race was in 2008. I guess she had no use for President Bush against Al Gore or John Kerry. She was a no-show at Harris County Republican events, conventions, clubs, and meetings until she recently decided to run in this Republican primary.

Guiney also has some very questionable associations, notably her coziness with the infamous left-wing Democrat, Judge Kevin Fine. You remember him, don't you? He is the uber-liberal judge who declared the death penalty to be unconstitutional in the state of Texas. In one of his most famous cases, he unleashed a revolting tirade AGAINST a rape victim, AFTER her attacker had been found to be guilty! He was such an embarrassment to the Democrats that they forced him not to run for re-election. As it turns out, Guiney has received nearly 70 appointments from this liberal, activist judge.

Fine During The Day Not At Night

Politicians should be known not for what they say, but for what they actually have done!

During a recent stump speech, Kristin Guiney complained to a local Republican group that Kevin Fine was "not real good at following the law; that is why we're going to reclaim those seats." Well, talking bad about liberals usually does play well with a Republican audience.

But there's more to the story because at about the same time she was making that statement to unsuspecting Republican Clubs, she was taking appointments from her buddy, Judge Kevin Fine. So, from one side of her mouth, she berates Judge Fine, and from the other side, she thanks him for more work. In fact, as recently as this January, Guiney took seven appointments from Judge Fine!

Guiney And Husband Democratic Donors

As if that level of hypocrisy were not enough, Guiney and her husband have a long history of making donations to Democrat candidates and liberal anti-tort reform groups. In 2003 and 2006 they fought against tort reform by making donations to liberal groups like Save Texas Courts and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association.

Meet Kristin "The Duck"

You know the old but true maxim, "if it walks like a duck, and if it quacks like a duck..." What it boils down to is this:

It's not what Kristin Guiney says now, as the May 2012 primary is upon us, it is what she has done that raises concern that she is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Guiney Can't Be Trusted

Can Guiney be trusted? Will the real Kristin Guiney please stand up?

We all know the heartache that America has experienced over the last 3.5 years, with the prevaricator in chief in the White House. He wasn't thoroughly vetted by an electorate that was easily fooled by a complicit press and his ability to read a teleprompter. If we could have only known then what we know now... you know the rest of that story.

We can't afford to let this happen in Harris County! You have before you a clear choice, and convincing evidence that Kristin Guiney is a charlatan who claims to be a Republican today, while supporting Democrats and Democrat causes in the recent past.

Be diligent in looking into Kristin Guiney's true history, not just the revisionist one she is peddling now that she finds it convenient to be a Republican!

And the best news of all is that we have a great option because GOP stalwart Lana Shadwick is running. She has been a GOP activist for over 20 years, is a former Judge, and Lana is also an experienced prosecutor with extensive legal experience. The choice for the 179th District Court is quite simple, so let's vote for the real thing as far as Republicans go, Lana Shadwick.

Jared Woodfill for
Harris County Republican Party Chairman

HCRP Chairman Jared WoodfillJared Woodfill is my choice for Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party. As former Chairman of the HCRP, I am all too acquainted with the many challenges this position demands, and Jared Woodfill has done a fantastic job during his tenure, and deserves our support for re-election.

Jared has:

  • Presided over 4 out of 5 county-wide Republican sweeps, including the 2010 election, the most victorious sweep the Harris County Republican Party has experienced in its 62-year history.

  • Raised over $10,000,000 during his time in office, even during the recessive "Obamaconomy."

  • Conducted thousands of media interviews, where he enunciates the Conservative message clearly, and can be counted on to not back down in the face of liberal opposition.

Have you seen the recent Obama "flip-flop" this week? He was against gay marriage before he was for it. Jared's opponent, Paul Simpson employs a similar technique. He was terminated from the Harris County Republican Party leadership because he REFUSED to stand up for family values, and uphold the Republican Party Platform, in the face of a critical liberal press. I know this happened because I'm the one who terminated him. He says one thing now while he's campaigning, but when we needed him to face the press and stand up for our values, he caved just like a Democrat phony; basically saying that the sodomy battle was not his fault and blamed your editor. We do not need leaders that want to be "press pleasers" more than they wish to stand up for those conservative values that we hold dear, and for which many of us have devoted our lives.

Because of the job he's done, Jared Woodfill has been endorsed by our own governor, Rick Perry, and enjoys overwhelming support from Harris County Republican Party grass roots leaders, including the honorable Paul Bettencourt and State Senator Dan Patrick, Dr. Steven Hotze, Dave Welch (Houston Area Pastors Council), Katy Christian Magazine, P.O.L.I.C.E. Inc., and scores of conservatives from all across Harris County.

In this crucial election year, with so much at stake, we need an unwavering conservative leader at the helm, and I encourage you to vote for Jared Woodfill for Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party.

In The Race For Harris County District Attorney,
The Verdict Is Clear

District Attorney Pat LykosOne of the most hotly contested races in this year's Republican primary election is for Harris County District Attorney. The race's position near the bottom of the ballot is no indication of the office's importance to the people of Harris County who look to it as one of the critical first steps in the quest for justice in criminal cases. The office, which employs approximately 300 assistant district attorneys and an equal number of support staff, prosecutes over 100,000 criminal cases per year.

This year, the incumbent, Pat Lykos, is challenged by former judge Mike Anderson. The race quickly escalated to a proverbial bareknuckle street fight with long-time activists taking sides quickly in the polarizing race. Unfortunately, for those taking Anderson's side, he has stumbled more than once and has been on the defensive for past actions and bad decisions.

For example, while serving as a Judge, official records show that Judge Mike Anderson granted probation to criminal illegal aliens. This news is devastating to the Anderson campaign considering the intensity with which law and order Texans oppose illegal immigration.

Another Anderson misstep involves the case of Henry George Wolfberg, a convicted child molester who appeared in Mike Anderson's court and was released on probation, which allowed him to subsequently molest two more children. Anderson makes excuses for the release, but when two young lives are scarred forever, excuses are worthless.

The third strike for Anderson is his refusal to confirm or deny that he issued judicial bypasses (approval) to allow teenage girls to get abortions without the consent of a parent. When Anderson was asked the question on television, he hemmed, hawed and sputtered before finally seeking a hiding spot behind privacy issues (even though he was never asked about a specific case or individual) - although if he had never granted the procedures, there would be no privacy issues to begin with. Pat Lykos, on the same program, emphatically stated that she had never issued a judicial bypass to allow a minor child to have an abortion. For any Republican who claims to be pro-life, this issue alone should end the debate.

These are three serious strikes against Anderson, any one of which should make Pat Lykos the clear choice for re-election to the office of Harris County District Attorney. Anderson's fatal flaws notwithstanding, Lykos is an impressive candidate and effective District Attorney. She is a former Houston Police Officer attorney, judge and now Harris County District Attorney who has spent her career on the side of justice; it is almost impossible to get that kind of perspective and depth of experience in a public servant.

The quality of Lykos' character has been evident in her tenure as Harris County DA during which her policies have reduced the number of drunk drivers on the road, helped create a new crime lab and established innovative programs like a cold case unit which apprehends fugitives long overdue for justice.

Pat Lykos has done an exemplary job achieving justice, implementing innovative solutions, making the best use of tax dollars and restoring integrity to an office that had suffered a black eye to its reputation before she took office. It's no wonder Republican Party officers are lining up to support DA Pat Lykos. From TCR's perspective, the verdict in this case could not be more clear - Pat Lykos is not only the best choice for Harris County DA, she is the ONLY choice for Harris County DA.

TCR Endorsement Editorial

Unlike other publications, personalities, slate cards, etc. that endorse candidates and leave you to wonder about the basis for their endorsements, TCR spells it out, giving our readers the facts to support our decision.

U.S. Senate

David Dewhurst - The proven conservative in this race who, as Lt. Governor, has consistently demonstrated his common sense principles. What we like most about Dewhurst is his consistent support on key conservative issues that goes back over 30 years. He is both a proven fiscal conservative with experience balancing our state budget and a social conservative whom we can trust.

Texas Railroad Commissioner

Christi Craddick - Strong conservative pedigree and smart as a whip. She is in the vanguard for the next generation of GOP leadership in Texas. Has a strong and diverse background including oil and gas experience.

Texas Railroad Commissioner, Unexpired Term

Barry Smitherman - On the job for us today. Visionary conservative leader on energy policy for Texas and has a well-developed plan for energy independence for the U.S.

U.S. Supreme Court Of Texas Pl. 2

Don Willett - This incumbent is a hard working independent conservative who does the right thing. Prior to being appointed to the court, he was legal counsel to Attorney General of Texas and a Fifth Circuit Law Clerk.

Supreme Court Of Texas Pl. 4

John Devine - A former conservative State District Judge and also a long-time conservative activist, best known for fighting to keep a copy of the "Ten Commandments" displayed in his courtroom. Supported by almost every grass-roots conservative group in Texas. He will not be a legislator in robes, but will follow the law.

Texas Court Of Criminal Appeals Pl. 8

Elsa Alcala - Conservative success story; she is a Hispanic woman who is and has been an outstanding prosecutor, State District Judge, Court of Appeals Judge, and who is now sitting on the Court of Criminal Appeals. Her reputation, well earned, is tough but always fair.

Congress - District 2

Ted Poe - One of the top conservatives in Congress, always ready to fight for our principles. A former top-rate State District Judge who is a level-headed leader for now and the future. Hawk on spending who would go further than the Ryan budget plan.

Congress - District 7

John Culberson - The original Jeffersonian Republican, former conservative State Representative and strong conservative in Congress. He is fighting for major tax reform and is a big reason the Katy Freeway was fixed.

Congress - District 8

Kevin Brady - This incumbent has ascended to the distinguished House Ways and Means Committee and is a solid vote in Congress. Brady stays in touch with constituents, commuting to Washington on a weekly basis and holds over 50 town hall meetings a year.

Congress - District 22

Pete Olson - Olson is a highly decorated naval officer who defeated Democrat Nick Lampson in 2008 to return the seat to Republican control. National Journal has ranked this smart and well-educated (BA from Rice and JD from UT) Congressman as the 7th most conservative member of the House.

Congress - District 36

Stephen Takach - In a field of 12, this Baytown businessman, accountant and financial adviser stands out from the crowd. His business and financial experience are desperately needed in Washington to tackle the snowballing debt crisis. This outsider is the obvious choice and a refreshing alternative to the "rogue's gallery" of career politicians and carpetbaggers - 3 of whom don't even live in the district - who are running for this new congressional district.

State Board Of Education - District 6

Donna Bahorich - Even though she is unopposed in her race, she is worth mentioning as a rising political star. Bahorich, a long-time Republican activist, a former staffer for Senator Dan Patrick and officer of the local GOP, is smart, effective and personable; she has a bright future on the Texas political scene.

State Board Of Education - District 7

David Bradley - This businessman and former Eagle Scout is the overwhelming favorite of conservatives in his re-election bid to the SBOE based on his conservative record. His opponent, a former Democrat, is backed by more moderate factions.

State Board Of Education - District 8

Barbara Cargill - This 8-year veteran, who currently serves as chair of the SBOE, promotes the basics of education - grammar, phonics, spelling, composition, etc. Her traditional values paradigm and promotion of issues such as abstinence and traditional marriage have earned her the overwhelming support of the conservative base.

State Senator District 11

Dave Norman - Norman is a retired army officer (aviation) and a businessman whose leadership skills and business experience will be great assets in the Texas Senate.

State Representative District 127

Dan Huberty - Elected in 2010, Huberty was named "Rookie of the Year" by Texas Monthly magazine for his leadership during his freshman year in the House. His business experience and five years of service on the Humble ISD board are a solid foundation for his role in the Texas House.

State Representative District 129

John E. Davis - Elected in 1998, this unassuming incumbent has amassed a record of solid votes and continues to champion the issues of illegal immigration, ending regulatory overreach and cutting taxes on small business.

State Representative District 133

Jim Murphy - This scrappy and personable candidate, who was first elected in 2006 but defeated in 2008, returned in 2010 to take his seat back. His tenacity and business sense has earned him positions on the influential Ways and Means, Small Business, and Economic Development committees.

State Representative District 149

Dianne Williams - A self-described "traditional conservative," Williams is a long-time grassroots activist who promises to be tough on border security, taxes, budget and voter integrity issues.

State Representative District 150

Debbie Riddle - Riddle has been a conservative leader from day one in the Texas House. She has attracted national attention for her outspoken leadership on issues such as illegal immigration and voter ID legislation.

District Judge - 11th

Bruce Bain - Has over two decades of civil trial and mediation practice. Also, he is a bright Republican who has worked advance for President George W. Bush.

District Judge - 61st

George May - A "real" lifelong Republican who became a precinct chair at age 18 and worked for the Reagan 1980 campaign. A former law review editor at the University of Houston Law School and has been an outstanding litigator in and out of civil courts for decades. He is a great choice, ready from day one.

District Judge - 127th

Sonya Aston - Experienced litigator, lifelong Republican (really) and at one time was a legal counsel to conservative hero, Paul Bettencourt. A good choice.

District Judge - 129th

Chris Gillett - Civil attorney and trained mediator is the choice here. He will also be a great Judge.

District Judge - 133rd

Sharon Hemphill - Overwhelmingly well qualified, she brings a breath of fresh air. Staunch, active Republican who will help elect the whole ticket.

District Judge - 151st

John Wittenmyer - A 35-year civil litigator who is the type of seasoned lawyer we need on the bench. Another candidate ready from day one.

District Judge - 152nd

Don Self - Brings extensive legal and small business experience to the bench. A Navy Veteran who holds a Masters of Law degree. Also, active in the community with Leadership Houston, and the Boy scouts.

District Judge - 164th

Bud Wiesedeppe - Tough name, wonderful candidate and experienced litigator with a great Republican pedigree. Practices law with GOP conservative icon, Judge Paul Pressler. He will be a great Judge for us.

District Judge - 174th

Robert Summerlin - Has extensive experience on both sides of the docket having served as a prosecutor and defense lawyer, which better prepares him to serve on the bench. Supported by a Who's Who of conservative and Republican leaders; he will be a tough but fair jurist.

District Judge - 177th

Ryan Patrick - An outstanding and well respected prosecutor who has been a GOP activist for years. Support for him is overwhelming.

District Judge - 179th

Lana Shadwick - The overwhelming choice of Republican and conservative activists. In fact, she has more endorsements than any other down ballot primary candidate this cycle and for good reason. As conservative icon Paul Bettencourt says it, and better than we can, "Lana Shadwick is qualified to be a criminal court judge, and she is also qualified as a Republican. For 20 years, I have known her to be a conservative Republican who, like us, has been working hard for our core values. Her experience as a judge and prosecutor make her the most qualified. She is like a true Republican judge."

District Attorney

Patricia Lykos - She is the common sense, no nonsense, conservative incumbent. With the economic crisis we faced, and tight county coffers, she is a leader who prioritized fighting serious crime and diverting our children and young offenders so we don't create a lost generation with criminal records on every case. The crime rate is down in the Houston area and the programs for non-violent offenders have reduced recidivism. Her opponent wants to reverse all the progress made to go back to the "good old days" of the Rosenthal era, which no thinking Republican should want. He also has flip-flopped on reforms and refused to answer whether, while a Judge, he permitted teen abortions without parental consent, while proclaiming he is pro-life! With Pat Lykos, "no" was her simple answer, "I never granted an abortion by-pass." We can trust Pat Lykos.

County Civil Court At Law #2

Theresa Chang - Distinguished attorney with a record of public service. She was a division chief in the Harris County Attorney's Office and is the conservative choice here.

County Attorney

Robert Talton - A hard-nosed, no-nonsense conservative who will bring integrity back to an office that, when run right, is a watch dog for the citizens of Harris County. As a former conservative state legislator, judge and city attorney, Talton has what it takes. His late entry opponent, Leslie Johnson, is an interesting candidate for the future, but not this year and not against this proven conservative.

County Sheriff

Ruben Monzon - The most impressive resume in a very crowded field; this former undercover DEA agent and US Marshal appointed by President Bush has a breadth and depth of both field and management experience that can restore strength and effectiveness to the HCSO.

Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector

Mike Sullivan - Currently the leading conservative on the Houston City Council. Also longtime Republican activist who will bring energy, wisdom and a record of fighting for the taxpayer and for smaller, efficient government.

County School Trustee, Pos. 3, At Large

Mike Wolfe - Wolfe has been a conservative standard bearer on a number of issues at the HCDE and led a successful campaign to rename the administration building after Ronald Reagan.

County School Trustee, Pos. 4, Pct 3

Kay Smith - A long-time conservative Republican activist who is passionate about education. She will be a solid conservative vote.

County Commissioner, Pct 4

R. Jack Cagle - A former judge and long-time conservative activist, Cagle has been immediately effective since taking over this seat last year, following Jerry Eversole's departure. He was a great pick by Judge Ed Emmett and is a great pick on Election Day.

Constable, Pct 5

Phil Camus - This incumbent has been a proven and effective leader. His leadership and record have earned him the overwhelming support of elected officials, activists and GOP leaders.

Harris County Republican Party Chairman

Jared Woodfill - This incumbent deserves re-election for his record of results. Woodfill has kept the local GOP active and winning elections and has kept the local party "in the black" financially during tough economic times.

TCR May 2012 Statewide Edition
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